8 Responses to “CRASH”

  1. Roborob77 Says:

    There’s nothing under crash…is there suppose to be a pic?…maybe it’s my work computer being difficult.?

  2. snake-eyes Says:

    this is an obvious fake. why are you wasting your time? if it’s a stupid ‘viral’ thing for the 25th anniversary and / or the upcoming video game, it still looks very shabby.

  3. Oh no need to be an utter tit, snake-eyes. I don’t know, I think this is bloody interesting. I still can’t put my finger on what the hell it’s for but I’ve bookmarked it anyway.

  4. It’s european, so it’s certainly not new york city. I think that’s enough to rule out the rumors of it being anything to do with GB3…

    …I’m assuming it’s a knockoff, but will still be interested to see what the final product is.

  5. teh pielord Says:

    Did any of you people see the side of the taxi? It said NYC TAXI for Pete’s sake!!!! IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE NEW YORK!!!

  6. Awesom, it’s ,metal staypuft! thanks Sony!

  7. rockstar232007 Says:

    ^^^This guy has to be joking!

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