12 Responses to “CREATURE”

  1. Sigourney? Is that you?

  2. You realize that including the actual screenshots from Maya/C4D/whatever that is, you’re letting us know that this is a studio-sponsored viral campaign, right?

    There’s no way you’d be able to ‘secretly’ pull screen grabs.

    I’m psyched for the movie, though. Just, please, don’t be so obvious! It’s more fun if it’s more thought out.

  3. Frikkie5000 Says:

    i don’t know what to make of this. with HD shooting composited models can be dropped in on set to give the producers and CGI coordinators a rough idea of final product while they are filming in order to get the actual shot perfect. i like the stuff he has posted. hell, it could even be the next ghostbuster movie! the spy hasn’t mentioned anything about ghostbusters though! i don’t think it’s a viral but i’d like to see more clips. what job does he do on set? i’d like to know in what department he works in order to have access to those screengrabs! the monster is obviously still in early stages but it looks very cool!

  4. garbage busters, are they a sort of dustman??

  5. what is all that stuff on the arm in the pics supposed to be? A bycicle, a suitcase, golf clubs, a home theater speaker, etc. Give me a break.

  6. looks like Houdini to me…

  7. dansartain Says:

    RAD The Ghostbusters are going to “bust” the pepsi stuff Monster!!!

  8. I have no idea if this is legit or not, but the ‘garbage monster’ is very similar to something seen in an episode of The Real Ghostbusters called ‘Station Identification’.
    If this IS GBIII it’s looking pretty good. And I don’t think it’s a ‘spy’ on the set. If anything, it’s a very odd new way to do viral marketing. 😉

  9. Thanyou sony. it’s lookin really good!

  10. rockstar232007 Says:

    ^^^How many times do we have to go over this? This is NOT GB3, I know! I have connections! I think that Sony is a little more capable of producing something more professional looking! Please! Patrick, do us all 2 HUGE! favors, 1. Get a life, and 2. Do not…I repeat DO NOT PROCREATE!!!

  11. Frikkie5000 Says:

    hey rockstar! you just love yourself don’t you!!!??? lights, cameras, grips, cranes, CG fucking I, crushing a taxi and customizing an entire location to look like NY(it’s been confirmed that this has not been shot in NY – check the RAIN video comments). Whatever this is it’s not amateur nor cheap! Check your connections cause it’s not the type of connections that got you that sunroof on your caravan trailer!

  12. rockstar232007 Says:

    ^^^I didn’t mean it like that, I meant that, if were a Sony producton, it would be way more over the top! Also, I have already checked my connections (@ Atari, and Sony), and they have confirmed that this is “Not Ghostbusters related”, in fact, most of them never even heard of any of this, so stop waisting everyones time…and brain cells, and start milking some other movie franchise to get attention…like ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’!

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