Meet the spy

Yes, they are shooting it already. And yes, I am part of the crew. And no, I won’t tell any details. Because if I do and they find out, they will kill me. That’s why my little friend here will do the talking. Stay tuned for more …




16 Responses to “Meet the spy”

  1. What exactly are they shooting? Do you mean to say this is the new ghostbusters movie?

  2. really cool footages dude. and if this is really Ghostbusters 3, then i’m psyched for it already!

    i must say this out of concern for your safety and wellbeing at work though, must you really post your spy tools? if they get a whiff of this (and since you sent it to IESB they sure as hell will), they now know what to look for when they do security checks. also, you may wan to edit out that part where the dude nearly blew your cover. if someone in the industry recognizes that fellow or its the dude himself who sees this then they’d know it was you.

    nonetheless thanks for bringing us those footages. hope that you can continue to bring more of that good stuff.

  3. this isnt the new ghostbusters movie. it hasnt even been greenlit yet. i do wonder what it is though.

  4. Hmm… since the movie biz is the habit of ruining the movies i grow up with, doesn’t really surprise me that they might be making a new GB movie. What gets me why now after 20 some odd years!!. either way knowing me I’ll probably be a dumba$$ and go and watch it. Wow!


    viral marketing fails very very VERY hard. Thanks for trying though.

  6. this is not the GB3 mpvie…. this is The Portal movie from the videogame. check some game’s pics

  7. Yep, this is not GB3, david is right when he said,”this is The Portal movie from the videogame. ” It’s just a viral site to get anticipation of the video game going.

  8. Thats not stay puft its the michelin man and this movie is in no way related to ghostbusters this is all a stupid hoax and this doesnt even have anything to do with the video game, its just some dumb idiot trying to get attention. all the footage looks stupid ( like a bad fan film) dont be fooled. If gb3 was being made they wouldnt make the iconic proton pack look like a fucking ipod! Nice try ghostspy………DUMB ASS!

  9. i would call this movie the making of a bad halo movie before ghostbusters, its crap this dick just wants attention and like idiots the whole internet will give this dumb ass his 15 minutes of fame.

  10. Youre all idiots….this is a viral for the new ghostbusters video game, and you guys have all been sucked in.

    p.s. ghostspy (marketing guys) virals are sooooo 2007


  11. helpmehelpyou Says:

    hey, it defentely looks real. there are cameras and lights and grip in the back so it doesn´t look like a fan film.

  12. rockstar232007 Says:

    ^^^Any idiot can rent studio equipment (cameras, lights, sets, ect.) provided they have the money to pay for it.

  13. Any idiot…? Then why don’t you go ahead and do it, rockstar.

  14. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    dude…. please let me know personally if this is real or not…. i dont want you crushing this dream for me. 😦

  15. rockstar232007 Says:

    ^^^For what purpose?

  16. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    iv been wanting a 3rd instalment of gb forever! but im thinking its not now from the last marshmallow vid posted… damn it to heck!

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