36 Responses to “PROTONS”

  1. Dude, is this for real? If it is: run spy run. 😀 The studio is going to hunt U down bad!

  2. is it a kind of starship troopers weapon?? maybe is a film in the film like that episode of real GB

  3. I love you can get full sketches and cgi workups but not a decent picture. Its a “spy” site so every shot looks like it was taken through you moms asshole 🙂

  4. Roborob77 Says:

    I hope this isn’t the new ghostbusters movie, ‘causa I HATE the look of the new proton pack. It looks like something from HALO.

  5. Roborob77 Says:

    If these are pics from ghostbusters 3, hopefully that’s not “the” ghostbusters proton pack, but maybe it’s a pack used by a rival paranormal elimination company. Think about it, after all these years you’d think someone would start a similar company and compete for business from the original ghostbusters; maybe they call themselves ghostblasters, or ghostcatchers. Maybe part of the plot is this rival company stealing the ghostbusters ghost catching equipment blueprints. The ghostbusters and the newbies would be rivals until they must join forces to battle the big baddie at the end.

    Again, (and this is coming from a HUGE ghostbusters fan) I must stress that it’s a bad idea to drastically change the look of the ghostbusters equipment, logo, vehicle or the uniforms…why change something that isn’t broke?…However, changing the look of slimer from ghostbusters 2 would be a good change.

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. Yeah, chances are this is just an elaborate hoax. Logic dictates that even if the movie was green-lit, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as ready as this guy wants us to believe. Whoever this guy is, he’s just having a good laugh at our expense.

  7. ThisIsStudioSponsoredBS Says:

    Has everyone forgotten about the Ghostbusters VIDEO GAME due to be released in June? This is a studio sponsored viral site for a video game folks, not a movie. If they really are shooting something, its probably for cut scenes in the game.

  8. SOOO, I originally posted that this is probably a commercial spoofing ghostbusters and now my post has been deleted. Hmm, perhaps I cracked the case.?

  9. it has been said (rumoured) that filming is in process and it is MAJOR SECRET LOCATION, no1 at all knows this, the press no1, after all its nearly 20 years so am sure the press are not even looking into it, but it is rumourd that there will be new ghostbusters, new equipment for a new generation and little oscar will be a GB, so who knows, we could be looking at the new 21st centuary ghostbusters, believe!

  10. Nice Jetta is all I have to say. Why would they transport these new “proton packs” for this, whatever it is, in the trunk of a jetta? Really?

  11. Dr.Venkman Says:

    Just my two cents:

    1. early production stage. they are shooting some of the stunt-scenes.
    2. they are shooting a teaser trailer for GB3
    3. commercial for the new Apple iProts (white, stylish Proton Packs for hunting down Bill Gates)
    4. another student fan film from a very wealthy fan

  12. Apple iProt. That’s gotta be it!! 😀
    Seriously, this is all freaking weird …!

    That being said I can’t wait to see it and I hope you guys get an A

  14. a student project with stuntman and a broken cab…?? im asking myself why here in italy students like me cant do this things…

  15. Hiro Nakamura Says:

    Yeah, it is the Apple iProton. Steve Jobs announced it in his keynote earlier this week. It’ll be part of iLife 09. 😉

  16. basktqase Says:

    I bet its the same guys that did all the fan stuff like…Return of the Ghostbusters. Could they possibly be fliming something new? Looking at the pictures of the “proton pack”, I can already tell you that it is an unfinished mock up and the drawings are just rough design sketches. Whatever this is, is a little way off from shooting for real.

  17. It makes sense to me that this is how the packs would look in 2009. But that doesnt mean that I have to like it!

  18. its just making the commercial for the new game coming out june 16

  19. It does look like Crap. You guys wasted some money.

  20. You guys are so gullible.

  21. Oh dude… is that worth losing a job? As it is not my job I say: YES! Please, give us more!

  22. Ok, I still have no idea if this is fake or not. But what I see looks really good to me. Apple @ GB3? How cool would that be! Imagine a setdesign by those guys! Those protons look promising…. oh man, I really wanna see that movie.

  23. JJ Parker Says:

    Ok, what do you think about this:
    Bill Murray financed the shooting and this page to find out how fans react and what they expect. We all know he had his doubts about a sequel (for years!!!) and this could be an easy way to get direct feedback.
    If so.. let’s please be a bit more enthusiastic, I really want GB3!

  24. Dr. Egon Spengler Says:

    dude! upload more, before you get busted!!!

  25. Movieguide Says:

    These are not real: TRUST ME. 😉

  26. this is not gb3… this is a viral for The Portal.

  27. roborob77 Says:

    Movieguide…aka Dan Aykroyd?

  28. i dont think is a viral for the portal… have u seen it?? gun is absolutely different

  29. I dunno, this is pretty extensive for a hoax. This all seems to make sense. THE FLOWERS ARE STILL STANDING!

  30. I’ll admit, even if this IS a fake, it’s still exciting! This is fantastic! Great work Ghostspy.

  31. AjQuck is a liar and so is th Fake sony!

  32. Donkey8012 Says:

    Your posting rights should be revoked Patrick. Your posts are all ignorant ramblings and we are dumber for now having read them.

  33. rockstar232007 Says:


  34. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    man…… if this isnt real, its going to make me cry…. iv been wanting this movie for sooooo long! and everyone else i know as well! please post more!! lots more! please!!

  35. gb!$th3$h!t Says:

    FAKE but it sounded GOOD! 😉

  36. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    oh and one more thing! this is definantly gb related if not the real deal! the proton pack looks like a cheap knock off… or a new era of proton pack. remember…. this is 20 yrs later!!! so anything is possible! were ready to believe you!

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