21 Responses to “PANIC”

  1. Chapelier Fou Says:

    Cant wait to see where this is headed and whats the purpose of that “subtle” advertising.

  2. So now our spy is an extra, who has access to everything else we’ve seen? And is it just me, or did this clip feel a lot like the early cloverfield hypetrain?

  3. i think gb3 script has been just finished in dicember and this is not a teaser trailer for gb3, watching garbage ghost i think is most probably its is a video game spot for ghostbusters the videogame…. but i dont like some pics like proton gun and pack… better old pack 😉

  4. this is a viral for The Portal.

  5. david can u explain me what the poral is??

  6. Is this for a Teaser Trailer for Ghostbusters 3?

  7. Eisenfresser Says:

    This could be really Ghostbusters 3. On IMDB the movie is announced to release in 2010. The Details matched with the announcemant, so far.

  8. Chapelier Fou Says:

    To Eisenfresser

    The thing is, IMDB is known to have been wrong before. Like Wikipedia, anyone can modify movie details. I highly doubt that theyve announced a release date for GB3.

    Still, a teaser trailer seems possible I guess. A student project or a very nice hoax seems likely too. To me though, the actual filming of GB3 seems very, highly, unlikely.

  9. Interesting.. Ghostbusters is filmed and based in New York.. but all this footage is filmed in Europe. Could have fooled me.

  10. What makes you believe that it was filmed in europe? Did i miss something?


  11. NJkidd356 Says:


  12. Whatever this is it sure looks interesting. Even if its not Ghostbusters 3 I am curious to learn more, so good viral or bad, my attention is spurred.

    AJ why be a jerk about this? If your uninterested go lock so more forums on your site, but let people discuss this in peace.

    If you ask me, I am willing to be this is a Sci Fi channel generic ghostbusters movie. They film a lot overseas to save cost

  13. I think this is a good try at a hoax, but I like all of the true Ghostbusters fans are not sold. There is no way that Aykroyd would allow them to screw up his designs for teh proton pack. The thing about the Ghostbusters is that they were 4 poor guys who made their equipment from what they had around the fire station. All of you little retards that think it would be cool to have “modern” packs, traps, etc. should go away and never speak to another human again.

  14. There is nothing in these videos/photos etc to suggest that this is Ghostbusters 3 or indeed Ghostbusters related at all, apart from something that bares a ‘vague’ resemblance to a Proton Pack’s Cyclotron.

    People running away screaming, taxis being crushed and a walking heap of metal does not automatically mean Ghostbusters – if this was the case, we would thought the same with Cloverfield snippets.

    However, all due credit to the author- whatever its for, hes certainly got my curiosity levels up and therefore I have no criticism. I look forward to seeing more glimpses!

  15. The Nameless Says:

    Hoax or not, I find it funny that people can get so worked up over something like this. Even enough so that the moderators on GB forums spaz out and lock all discussion.

    Seriously, I mean filmed in Europe? That’s the best debunking you’ve got?

    You people are hilarious.

    “All of you little retards that think it would be cool to have “modern” packs, traps, etc. should go away and never speak to another human again.”

    Well, I wouldn’t be calling anyone little, since you sound like a 12 year old yourself.

    Speaking as a “true” GB fan (as if anyone really cares), who has probably been a fan longer than you’ve been alive, I like the designs.

  16. Interesting takes on all of this…

    • How are we sure this is Europe and not Vancouver or something?
    • Why wouldn’t the technology be upgraded after 25 years? Tech gets smaller, streamlined and more efficient with time.
    • Just because things change, doesn’t make the old stuff go away. Just like the active Ghostbusters could be new, but the old Ghostbusters really run the show.

  17. While I don’t believe it’s GB3, I am ready to believe it.

    Also even if it is being shot in Europe or wherever, that does not automatically debunk it. Remember that GB1 was shot mostly in Los Angeles. As much as I’d want work on GB3 to start, I’m 90% sure it’s some viral campaign for the game. 5% says it’s a GB spoof commercial, 4% says it’s something else, and 1% says it’s test work on GB3 or work on a possible teaser that will have no actual footage.

  18. I’ve been watching Ghostbusters for 21 years now. The first film came out 6 months before I was born. I had every toy that was made and a week doesn’t go by that I don’t wear one of my 7 Ghostbuster shirts. I lost money on the 88mph comics like most of the true fans. I’m buying three versions of the upcoming video game, 360, wii, and ds. I am a fan.

    “Seriously, I mean filmed in Europe? That’s the best debunking you’ve got?”

    No, thats not all. Go to and he will give you all the evidence you need that shows this is nothing to do with GB3.

    Having said that I think the creator of all of this should be congratulated for getting so many people worked up. If nothing else he or she knows how to get somebodies attention. If nothing else this shows that people are still interested in the Ghostbusters.

  19. Thankyou sony for making ghostbustrs3, yo made me so happy dotay.

  20. rockstar232007 Says:

    ^^^At least he’s consistant! Patrick, are you really that cluless?…need I ask?

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