26 Responses to “STAY PUFT”

  1. omg. what a fucking joke. LOL

  2. That is a balloon. This is all a joke. Made by a film student. Not an actual movie. No proton Packs. No Stay Puft. No Ghostbusters.

  3. Kalamazoo Says:

    It’s the Michelin thing.

  4. Sharks with Lasers Says:

    No, I’ve seen something like this before in one of those Making-of TV shows (I think King Kong). When you’re working with 3D, it’s very common to have a balloon on the set. It’s just a reference for the actors, so that they know, where the Monster is.

  5. roborob77 Says:

    It looks like the head of an albino ninja turtle.

  6. roborob77 Says:

    Plus, I don’t think staypuft would be in GB3…which makes me think that this is footage for a not so distant commercial for ghostbusters the videogame. ..Those packs do look Wii inspired.

  7. Jonny Ruckus Says:

    I’d like to think that they’d be a tad bit more creative then reusing Mr. Stay-Puft.

  8. Deffinately the head of the Michelin Man

  9. well its clearly not stay puft, it may just be a generic balloon used to help tell the actors where to look for a later cgi stand in. But the guy running this thing might do well to not label things in way that are going to start flame wars. lol

  10. i think the same as sharks and doc V

  11. bwhahaha! The Michelin man…

  12. It’s no doubt the tire guy! WTF?! Not cool Mr Spy… Tryin to F with our heads

  13. The Nameless Says:

    I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. The Michelin Man.

  14. Dear Mister Ghostspy, please mention the word Ghostbusters in one of your posts.

    Unless you can’t, y’know, for contractual reasons.

  15. Isn’t the “Ghostspy” logo a pretty good link to ghostbusters? I don´t think that guy has any problems regarding contractual obligations. I just bookmarked the page and I can’t wait to see more of this.


    The Slimer

  16. Ray Parker Jr. Says:

    I have this song in my head: Dadda Dada Dada Daddadadda da da!!!

  17. I don’t know. This guy writes GHOSTBUSTERS all over his site with “Staypuft” in big lettering and pictures of some crappy looking packs in a car but doesn’t show the logo on the car if there was one. He’s not under contract because in no way is this website a tease at all and that’d be the only way he’d be allowed to continue under contract is if this site was ordained by the Distributor/Studio as a Tease. In order to tease people with a campaign you have to show footage of something they’d find interesting or something that excites people anyway. And all of this gear smacks of I-Robot or some related thing.

  18. roborob77 Says:

    F A K e

  19. Nameless… you seriously had me LOL! 🙂

    Why do we keep waisting our time coming on here :/ Spy… you bastard!

  20. So obviously the michelin man.
    I’d assume a production of GB3 would feature better props than an inflatable michelin man.

    …with seeing this inflatable item, this could be eluding to the episode of RGB where on Thanksgiving, spirits in an old morgue take control of the inflatable Murray the Mantis and turn it into a monster! Then the only thing that can save New York is if the boys in grey release and team up with the Michelin Ma…er…Stay Puft!! eh? eh? oh boy!! I’m lookin forward to this!

    (please note, i’m kidding about Murray the Mantis. It is scarcasm and should not be taken seriously. rofl, and I pray this page is nothing GB3 related) 🙂

  21. All you assholes listent up. this is GB3 so stop with yourl ies. I’m sick of it!

  22. If this is GB3 we need a pic of ecto 1a or even a logo on somthing this is all smoke and mirrors im the bigest GB fan even with a tatto on my wrist but these is nothing here to say GB3 could be any film being made

  23. rockstar232007 Says:

    “I have a strong, psychic belief…that, the guy(s) who created this site are…totally retarted!” Oh! and Patrick, you really need to work on your spelling, I know fourth grade is hard, but if you keep working at…hahahahah, sorry I could say that with a strait face! but seriously, do us all a favor, find a time machine, go back to 1995, and get Hooked on Phonix…instead of crack, it’s a lot safer, a lot less expensive, and will HOPEFULLY! make you smarter!

  24. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    all you haters liars and fakers need to stop bashing this! it will all be reviealed soon enough if this is real or not! so chill out and smoke some nice dro! 🙂 oh btw i think this is just a head for actors to have a looking point when they cgi in mr. stay pufft! oh yea, hes in the new game 2, which takes place 3 yrs after the second movie! soo bo ya! im ready to believe you! 🙂

  25. Donkey8012 Says:

    We’re not haters, just realists. Patrick is a mentally challenged individual that needs to have his computer priveleges revoked by whatever institution that currently houses him. Also, you’re not the #1 Ghostbusters fan. I am. : )

  26. I’m a first time visitor, but this is awesome! I don’t really care about the shitty StayPuft thing and, you’re right, I doubt they would revisit such an Iconic character for the revival of this franchise.
    I think they would be more cutting edge. I should imagine that, if this is real, it would be a CGI guide for the actors.
    If it was a game it would almost certainly be entirely CG and I know for a fact that there aren’t any games currently under production yet.
    The vehicle (with packs in) looked like the boot of a car, not ECTO1.
    I desperately hope that they haven’t modernised this too much!
    The GhostBusters films made my Childhood (Apart from Gremlins, Labrynth, dark Crystal etc…) I’m not too happy about, what appears to be, such a new look.
    If this is a Media student prank, it’s a friggin expensive one.
    Hold fire of damming these posts, there’s something that smacks of genuine footage in some of them.

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