13 Responses to “TECH GEAR”

  1. Chapelier Fou Says:


  2. Kalamazoo Says:

    Nothing really impressive. Even quite amateur.

  3. roborob77 Says:

    Hmm, no ghostbusters logo anywhere on set.

  4. An ARRI 12 KW, a 35 mm camera crane truck and a pile of pro monitors and digital video mixers. That is pretty amateur indeed … :-/

  5. @ Roborob: Why should they put a lgo on set if it’s secret? Think of all the eyewitnesses that pass by.

  6. No matter what this is or who you are: I’m hooked. And I’m really curious if we will find out one day.

  7. Blatant viral marketing. Not even thinly veiled.


  8. No one’s buying this dude! I will be interested to see what this REALLY is though! Certainly NOT GB3.

  9. Frikkie5000 Says:

    whatever it is it’s no amateur or student film! If you look at the clips students don’t shoot on 35mm or crush taxi’s!

  10. I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  11. ASSHOES!! this is ghostbut ers three, so stp saying it’s not! Bill Murry isnt a lair and neithr an I!

  12. rockstar232007 Says:

    Hey Patrick! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…this is from everyone who has ever read anything you have ever posted on this subject…anywhere! Like I said, GROW UP!!!

    P.S. Have you ever heard of SPELL CHECK?

  13. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    dude! ahhhhh! please give me more! i need this!

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