15 Responses to “ECTO DOG”

  1. HelterSkelter Says:

    I always knew, that Slimer can pee!!!

  2. Jonny Ruckus Says:

    and there you have it. I now KNOW it’s a fake. later.

  3. …. This is getting really silly now – what this has to do with GB is anybody’s guess…

  4. what’s the green thing.

  5. roborob77 Says:

    Ha, hA, ha…
    so lame and too funny.

  6. Its Ecto Cooler! The greatest drink ever.

  7. If this is set spy footage….and they’re filming….why in god’s name is this spy screwing up the shot by walking right next to the dog? And….and no one saw him doing this?

  8. Rickey heartily approves of your hoax! Strong work, internet fraudster!

  9. I asked me one question the game is a movierelated game. And in the movies there is no garbage-monster…

  10. wow are you really running out of material? Id have thought that theyd be plenty to cover if you are shooting a movie. Good work with the first few links, though now it just looks like it could be anyones home movies. Improve the scoop – I know its not Ghostbusters 3 related but at least keep up the “spy” quality

  11. That my friends is anti-freeze. Poor dog is probably already dead.

  12. An ecto dog thats awsome. maybe that’s slimer berfor he died. keep Up the good work Harold!

  13. rockstar232007 Says:

    Hey Patrick! There’s something on your shirt *get’s nose flicked*, your shoelace is untied *looks down to check*, what are you eating under there? Hopefully, you are at least smart enough to see where I’m going with this! Do you even realize how retarted all of this is, I mean c’mon, an “Ecto Dog”, this is the stupidest load of SHIT I’ve ever seen! I would go on, but I don’t know if the character count will go over 3,000 words, plus, I already know from your previous posts, that I would be wasting my time anyway!…nuff said.

  14. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    uhhhhhhh? please explain!

  15. rockstar232007 Says:

    @#1ghostbusterfan, I was just pointing out how gullible Patrick is, that’s all.

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