49 Responses to “PROTON PACKS”

  1. Kalamazoo Says:

    I wonder what’s the green thing in the middle of the pack.

  2. Kalamazoo Says:

    Hey, … Eh… Is it Harlod Ramis in the middle and Dan Aykroyd (or Bill Murray)on the right at 0:11?…

  3. Dr.Venkman Says:

    Actually the green thing is nothing else than a BlueScreen or: Chroma key. A technique for mixing two images or frames together, in which a color (or a small color range) from one image is removed (or made transparent), revealing another image behind it. This technique is also referred to as color keying, colour-separation overlay (CSO; primarily by the BBC), greenscreen, and bluescreen

    And yeah, looks a little bit like Dan Aykroyd to me.

  4. Other Clark Says:

    Hope this is the custom remote that comes bundled with the Wii version of the game 😉

  5. I seriously doubt that this is anything to do with Ghostbusters… you’d think at least one piece of set equipment would show the Ghostbusters Logo!! So far we have seen nothing, no real proof. Whatever it is, looks quite cool, but i think it is just some sci-fi movie by the looks of things!

  6. This movie looks more like starship troopers for than ghostbusters! i refuse to be fooled and even look for anything to compare this to ghostbusters cuz its not !

  7. And its not harold ramis, or dan akroyd, or bill murray, i paused it freezed frame and closed in on the faces and ive seen tons and tons of movies and its no actor ive ever seen in my life, this is just a hoax!

  8. Dr. Stantz Says:

    ITSAHOAX and Kalamazoo => Due to the poor quality of the video, I highly doubt you both could guess any actor. Even though I highly hope those are Harold and Dan 🙂

  9. I really hope this is nothing more than a knockoff film, or a wii commercial.
    I can’t imagine anyone involved with the GB3 project would turn the EPIC proton packs into white, sterile looking, futuristic packs that look as if it should be strapped to the back of a storm trooper.

    If this is anything Ghostbuster related…Please let it be a wii commercial or something.

  10. Yeah, could be a wii commercial by the looks of the equipment… despite this NOT being GB related I still quite like the look of it and will certainly check the final product out regardless of what it is. If it involves ghosts and zapping – i’m automatically interested! Keep the virals coming GhostSpy!

  11. Ash Williams Says:

    is a not ghostbusters spy set….

  12. roborob77 Says:

    This better not be GB3, ’cause those proton packs are fugly.

  13. Frikkie5000 Says:

    those proton packs might just belong to a hi tech ghostbusting corporation that may act as rivals to the ghostbusters who still do things “old school”. Thats also why we haven’t seen a logo yet. they might be filming scenes with the rivals!

  14. roborob77 Says:

    Kalamazoo, that does kinda look like Murry & Aykroyd

  15. J.B. Aiken Says:

    I’m not sure about Bill….but it’s definitively Harold.

  16. That might be Ramis, but I doubt thats Murray or Ackroyd.

  17. Is it just me or does it look like Harold Ramis’ “head” pasted on someone elses body?

  18. Every shot where you wanna see something looks like it’s trying too hard to be quick vague and blurry.

  19. Lame, this whole thing is a hoax, stupid viral marketing for something that looks really stupid.

    Check out


    check out frame 0:10. stop at the traffic signal. look both ways. proceed into the streets of sweden?

  21. If you guys look at the HQ mp4 copy of the video from YouTube you can clearly see it is NO ONE related to Ghostbusters.

    The first guy is Asian, the 2nd guy is really old, and the 3rd guy looks like Bill Murray.. 25 years ago!

  22. The Packs never had the logo on them in the movie so who knows.

  23. Harold Ramis is 64, he’s pretty old at this point. I have no idea if its him or not, but he’s got full white hair and glasses like Ramis.

  24. AJ as more than a few people have said to you, if your not going to allow people to talk about it on your site, and your going to go from site to site telling people to take down all info and close the threads regarding this, then your not allowed to discuss it. Real or Probably Fake your opinion on this matter means absolutely nothing, and frankly you have made a fool of yourself this week. Garnering almost as much attention as this ectospy person for your loud screams of fake. Frankly makes me thing you’re involved.

    To everyone else,
    no this isn’t Ramis Ackroyd or Murray, but probably a knock off film, butI am still very interested. : )

  25. Time will tell…

  26. Dr. Stantz Says:

    So, where’s today’s update?

  27. Dr. V.. I suggest you actually go to my site and look at the thread in the Off Topic section. I locked the topics early on since it was a blatent attempt at spamming.

  28. I’m glad you are on here AJ! I would have locked this if GBF was my site too! I welcome all comments on this topic until we get to the bottom of this. I would be surprised if Sony wasn’t all over this for likeness rights to the proton packs in GB…

  29. Dr. Stantz Says:

    “blablabla let’s lock everything”

  30. At the end of this website, under “Blog at Theme: Black Letterhead by Ulysses Ronquillo. ”

    You can see this very little smiley: 🙂

    This probably means: hey, it’s a joke this website…

  31. LOCKED

  32. Very intresting.

  33. This is all fake. For REAL Ghostbusters news and information, visit my site.

  34. Frikkie5000 Says:

    he he! these guys are getting really upset cause this site has had more hits in a week than theirs have had uhm…EVER! Wha ha ha!

  35. I doubt it.

    Actually this stuff makes more people visit our sites.

  36. FAKE

  37. The Nameless Says:

    “This is all fake. For REAL Ghostbusters news and information, visit my site.”

    Seriously, I’m dying to know what Chad thinks about this so I can base my opinion appropriately.


    If GBIII news did leak, you guys would be crying “FAKE!!!!!!!11111” from the start. I’m searching Google news for updates from now on.

  38. The Nameless Says:

    BTW, that was not an endorsement of “fake” or “OMG I see Bill Murray”.

    Also, I’m not a webmaster so my opinion wouldn’t matter anyway.

  39. Listen asshloes, that is bill and dan and they wouldn’t lie and niether would I sod just stop it aready!!

  40. Who is this guy AJ QUICK? Just cuz you have a fan site abut ghostbusters , your word is suppose to be final? Ive looked at some of the posts on your site and you seem to be the one to try and end every thread with IM aj quick ive seen ghostbusters 2606307640161764 times so i know everything?! You know just as much about the movies as everyone else whos seen it, but apparently your opinion is fact now? why because you have the time to keep a ghostbusters fan site running, wow good for you! You have no authority your a fan just like everyone else, so cut the mr. know it all crap and get off that high horse! Does this whole website look stupid? Yes! But people have the right to talk and get excited about whatever they want!

  41. Frikkie5000 Says:

    well said! nobody likes a smart ass!

  42. […] : (Ranked #18)SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "PROTON PACKS « GHOSTSPY", url: […]

  43. Donkey8012 Says:

    Hey Patrick, what happened to the “trailer that was supposed to premier at comic con but got cancelled because all of the monitors mysteriously broke down”? Seriously man, how many times can you be wrong before you realize that your a** is on your shoulders? I’m convinced that you are either mentally challenged, not joking, or someone/mulitiple people that likes to get people going.

  44. I think it is funny that you guys think that way.

    I haven’t been wrong about GB3 yet.

  45. Bill Murray Says:

    Ever since Caddyshack, I’ve had a real live taste for gopher meat. I tell people I’m going golfing every week, so that I can catch me some gopher. I’m not sure how legal hunting these things are, but you can pry that b.b. gun from my cold dead hands.

    There are so many ways you can prepare gopher, it’s not even funny.

  46. So aj quick is good at guessing somebody give him a medal?! That doesnt make you more of a credible source than anyone else pal, you just THINK you know everything, your just a fan whos been wating for another chapter in the ghostbusters franchise, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! The only thing is you have time to run a website, which in a year couldnt have as many viewers as this site has had in a day. The Net has spoken noone really cares what you have to say, people wanna figure things out for themselves, noone needs you to form an opinon for them, especially one thats based no more on fact than anyone elses! Stick to what you are and all that is , is a FAN, not some “inside source”! I dont think sony is gonna make sure they pick up the phone and call the kid who runs to tell him the 3rd movie was greenlit! You find out just as we do, by waiting to hear something!

  47. rockstar232007 Says:

    That is NOT Bill Murray in this video….unless, they built a time machine, went back and kidnapped his 1984 counterpart! Oh, and one more thing, I suggest you guys (the dumb-asses who started all this!) find a hobby, or a girlfriend, because you obviously have wayyyyyy too much time on your hands…or hand! And Patrick a.k.a Ghostbusters3will rock, GROW UP!!! we are all sick of seeing you bitch and moan about this…nuff said!

    To the above post (ITSAHOAX) has one major thing that this site will never have…FANS!!!

  48. i have already been haveing a very bad day but when i saw this i wanted to cut my wrist open, the proton packs from the movies and cartoon looked beyond awesome but these look like they are something you would fight a alien with and cheesy i feel that either this is a hoax or transfomers 2

    now of the matter this will not stop folks comeing to this guys page. and post stuff showing him that we are listen and watching for more. and now this tool is going to make more of this stuff, but if it truly is ghostbusters 3 i have lost my dreams of the ghostbusters liveing on this crap.

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