52 Responses to “SET”

  1. Ok, it’s a commercial for that car?

  2. Dr. Stantz Says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD. Is it “Ghostbusters” written on the clap?

  3. Willem138 Says:

    holyshit, I can actually make out USTERS on the slate. Okay, so we know now that this actually has to do with the franchise. But in what way.

  4. I would say that is a pretty safe bet Doctor. Atleast “USTERS” could be “BUSTERS” or “RUSTERS”. Given the context let’s go with GHOSTBUSTERS. Is that a tiny man in the haze photo bottom left? And this so called ecto 3 sucks! It’s like a rounded off mini. No one is going to move for a little mini going down the street trying to catch ghosts. I don’t seen any mini police cars pulling me over.

  5. Well I’ve heard that the guys who created (T)Raumschiff Surprise – Periode 1 (the unfunny German sci-fi spoof based on Star Trek) are doing another spoof comedy. It’s probably a few months old behind the scenes footage from that movie.

  6. Don’t think it’s a car commercial. Anyone who has ever been on a set knows that cars need to be protected from dust etc. So if they were in the process of preparing a close up scene, this could have been some kind of protection.

    By the way: looks like USTERS to me, too.

  7. “USTERs” could be anything. mythbusters, Junkbusters, spookbusters, spiritbusters, etc.. There’s still no credible proof that this is GB3.

  8. Jonny Ruckus Says:

    oh shit that’s an HHR!!!!

    I’m currently building an ECTO-1 with my HHR!!!

    Shit!!! Now everyone is gonna think I’m ripping them off!

  9. Dr. Stantz Says:

    LOL owned XD

  10. Wow. I could write Ghostbusters on a clap board too.. does that mean I am filming Ghostbusters 4?

  11. Also.. that is the same car used in ALL THE OTHER postings / videos.

  12. Duh it is the same car. They are pictures from the same movie…

  13. TBUSTERS…… ????

    so let’s take stock…. a giant monster made out of various metal parts…. a car…. and TBUSTERS hand written on a clap board….. could this be the shooting for an anti-rust agent by any chance – hence “RUSTBUSTERS”?
    Afterall, if it actually said GHOSTBUSTERS then why not just show it?

  14. What car is it?

  15. maybe they are not filming GB3….but what if Sony is making viral marketing with fake gb3 set’s pics to tease us until they’ll REALLY start the production?

  16. Louis Tully Says:

    AJ Quick => If you’re not interested by ghostspy blog, shut the fuck up and get the fuck out you moron.

  17. Hey man, be cool. AJ deserves props and respect for GBF. A moron he certainly is not.

  18. Louis Tully Says:

    So, I guess you want to lock some threads too?

  19. I don’t care. It’s not my site. And this is NOT GB related anyway so doesn’t belong on GBF in the first place.

    Between the michelin man, the dubious packs, the “parts” monster and the car this site is easily shaping up to be connected to the automotive industry and as far as I can tell AJ and his site have NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT!

  20. “We’re NOT ready to believe you!”

    PS: I like to lock posts.

  21. This “Louis Tully” is so oblivious to anything that is going on it is very funny. Like I have mentioned in the past, there is a topic in the Off Topic section of my site to discuss this “GhostSpy” stuff. I locked all immediate posts about it because it was SPAM.

    So many people just do not understand how websites are run. You can complain all you want but that doesn’t mean you know best.

  22. Louis Tully Says:

    And neither do you.

  23. Whats funny is if this is fake or not, it’s doing it’s job: Controversy!

  24. Look the point is, you didn’t start that off topic conversation until you were publicly called out AJ. Once again, if you are not interested in this then please keep your opinions on your site. But running to every Ghostbuster site, and blog, and movie news site and saying that all this is crap just makes you look like a spoiled child or a cohort. I find it amazing that you run a website devoted to a movie that is older than most of the people on this site, yet when news of a new incarnation of that movie comes up, you are the first to scream lock the thread. Be grateful any people are still talking at all, most people really could care less. If you don’t want to hear people talk, you shouldn’t run the site at all.

  25. Very true westside nerd! : ) lol

  26. This is getting silly – this isn’t Ghostbusters 3! Can’t we just have fun guessing what it is? It’s a little entertainment in the day – but that’s all.

  27. Jonny Ruckus Says:

    Hey man Leave AJ out of this ya dinks. He has every right to say anything he wants about whatever this thing is.

  28. I love how everything is so perfectly framed for a “spy camera”. I call photoshopped black ring border on these (and all the other) pictures!

  29. You really couldn’t get a complete shot of the “clap”?

  30. You are funny Dr V.

    Who called me out? You?

  31. boondock saints Says:

    Hey hey who cares all of you cut it out. Take your bickering elsewhere, look at the time that has been lost prognosticating on what this COULD be.
    : )
    Group Hug.


    can anyone make out the letters on the truck behind the beekeeper?

    It is a truck from the The Movie Camera Company (MCC). So its actually a set.

  34. …it´s a South African equipment rental company!

  35. Lets be honest with all of this, in my oppinion… in this day and age nothing is kept a secret, everything is leaked and all of the big sites the world over pick up on it and dig until they either hit rock bottom or find some facts. Now…. have we heard anything from that?? No! all we have is Ghostspy picture posts, it could be a viral, it could be a Wii commercial or even the covers all the next gen consoles, i wouldnt say it was a new ghostbusters film by any means the world would know about it!!!! and to top it off ghostbusters itself is such a huge entity in itself and if they were to be another ghostbusters film they would know without a doubt not to change the things that people love the most or it will be quickly hated and get nowhere fast. And thats my oppinion, weather i get jumped for this i dont care but at times we need to open out eyes to what we have in front of us and around us, Ghostspy, if this is in fact part of ghostbusters in its franchise maybe you could be more specific and have some pictures or videos with the ghostbusers logo or something clearly written that can be associated with it

  36. Louis Tully Says:

    So, we now know that’s an amateur film… Which Hollywood Industry would have to rent equipment? NONE. 😦

  37. Well. Except they shoot anywhere else on the planet. I wouldn’t drag my camera cranes and vehicles halfway round the globe if I could also rent them there … And no production company would either!

  38. After the “Busters” there is no “3”, so this is not Ghostbusters 3…That’s what I think…

  39. Frikkie5000 Says:

    what’s worst is how little people actually know about the film industry. Equipment rental companies provide a film service industry that rent equipment to Hollywood blockbusters more than anyone else around the globe. People scream fake whenever they see a balloon with a face on. That’s for the actors to have a visual point to where the CGI created monster(or whatever) will be. If you look at the clips it’s obvious that these guys are filming on 35mm film. Students or amateurs CANNOT afford that(or giant cranes for that matter)! Whatever this is, ghostbusters or not(frankly I don’t really care), i guarantee it’s not amateur, student, fan film or cheap!

  40. Usually if a project is going under a fake name, thats the name on the clap board.

    Most clap boards for a major motion picture (with a huge budget because of its status in pop culture) is going to be digital:

  41. Louis Tully Says:

    Any update ghostspy?

  42. until i see something solid i’m taking a wait an see attitude

    but how stupid are the ppl on the wrong side of this debate gonna feel once we know

    also isn’t it just as likely to be a reboot as it is to be a sequal

  43. This is gonna be the best car commercial ever!

  44. That sth new ecto!

  45. GHOST SPOIL Says:

    I WORKED ON THIS PRODUCTION TOO. im trying to figure out who the hell this could have been. whoever it is its very clever but a little misleading. what you are actually looking at is ghostbusters related. but sorry to ruin the party. its for GHOSTBUSTERS THE VIDEO GAME this is part of the game. or a cut scene. also i might add that while filming these mini segments. a trailer has been shot. example garbage hulk, as hes known on the set. you know the pre viz you saw in an earlier video. well that is trailer related. hope this helps. but i might add that the entire cast return in some capacity. and the next in the franchise is most definatly being ironed out right now.

  46. Ghost Spoil, can you give us any more information on this? I thought the game was only using pre-rendered cut scenes, where did this idea of live-action footage come from? seems a little 1996 for me…

  47. Bill Murray Says:

    There’s a really good reason why there are no outtakes on the Ghostbusters II DVD.

    In one of the scenes, Ivan Reitman was screwing around off screen and I accidentally dropped one of the Oscar twins.

    I’m still not sure which one. I hope he turned out alright.

  48. rockstar232007 Says:

    I can without a DOUBT! tell you guys that this isn’t GB3 or GB:TVG related! Beleive me, I know (through my “secret” sources*cough*Atari*cough*), Oh! and when actual production does start on GB3, I don’t think it will be a secret…seeing as how we already know about it! So to whatever your names are Ghostspitter…spotter…blower and Ghoststy…spy, three words, GET A LIFE!!!

  49. “Wow. I could write Ghostbusters on a clap board too.. does that mean I am filming Ghostbusters 4?”

    Oh man if AJ Quick says its not GB3 than he must be right! I mean of course sony would call the kid who runs and tell him the official word first?! Prolly even offer him a cameo in the film for all the time and effort hes put into running his site and dedicating his free time to making sure that no ghostbusters news is real unless it comes from his stupid site! Why is this kid still around this site?

    this clown shoe is telling everyone not to pay attention to ghostspy but yet he keeps coming back! If this sites information turned out to be real he would post in on his site and put some stupid headline like “thats right ghostheads i knew it all along, thats why they call me AJ quick! For all your Ghostbusters news QUICK!!!!” PEOPLE want to think and find out for themselves, fuck off dousche bagggggggg!

  50. rockstar232007 Says:

    I, and many other people, already know without a doubt, that this is all bullshit! For starters, if it were real, this so-called GB3 spy crap would be all over Entertainment TV/Magazines/Internet…well it is all over the net, not as serious “News”, but as a JOKE! Oh! and the reason people keep coming back here, is to see how stupid and gullible people (anyone who actually believes this SHIT!) really are.

  51. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    dude! please tell me this is really ghostbusters 3 in the making! i need this! ahhhhh!

  52. Wow. so anybody that has called out and insulted AJ, get a fucking life.

    and two, this really can’t be GB3. Wake up people. Probably some kinda commercial parody thing.

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