48 Responses to “STORYBOARD”

  1. Car Commercial. Probably for the super bowl. Oh, and this video is horseshit.

  2. Louis Tully Says:

    Crap, a car commercial.
    I can’t see the point of doing such viral marketing for a bloody car commercial.

  3. Oh my! You are right! I have been so confused! It MUST be Ghostbusters 3! Thank you for helping un-fog my confused perception Mr Tully!

  4. Louis Tully Says:

    Fuck off dude, I feel like I’m the only one waiting for GBIII.

  5. Dr.Venkman Says:

    Oh yeah, there is a car in the picture. Just like in the storyboard for Man in Black, Thelma and Louise, Transporter, Jurassic Park and probably even in the storyboards for the first and the second ghostbusters movie.

    Is there any information about a car brand co-financing the new ghostbusters movie???

  6. Donkey8012 Says:

    Tully, just because you’re waiting for GBIII doesn’t mean that you should let your hopes cloud your vision. Believe me, I have been waiting for GBIII forever, as most GB fans. It’s been fairly obvious from the start, however, that this whole site is crap.

  7. “Fuck off dude, I feel like I’m the only one waiting for GBIII.”

    Haha, you are too funny mate. That made my day. 🙂

  8. “Be sure to drink your ovaltine…ovaltine? A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch!!!”


  9. Bill Murray Says:

    You know, I thought I saw myself in one of these videos. But, then I realized that wasn’t me. Then I took some LSD and filmed the rest of the movie myself.

  10. Bill Murray Says:

    Somebody’s coming… for real.

  11. Bill Murray Says:

    You know, I fell off the Eiffel tower once. Luckily this was in the age of parachute pants. MC Hammer saved my life. True story.

  12. Bill Murray Says:

    Bob Saget is a friend of mine.

  13. Louis Tully Says:

    So we now know that GBIII Will be in Paris and the ghostbusters will wear parachute-pants and have MC Hammer as their sidekick.
    OMG looking forward for this movie.

  14. Bill Murray Says:

    Get outta my mind!

    Did you know that Harold Ramis only has 3 toes on one foot? He lost them in a bar bet. True story.

  15. Oh thankyou Bill Murry for letting us all know that this really is Ghostbusters3. I know you’re not a liar and niether is Dan Akroyd or the SONY.

  16. Ben Stiller Says:

    Keep hope alive, Patrick!

  17. GHOST SPOIL Says:

    I WORKED ON THIS PRODUCTION TOO. im trying to figure out who the hell this could have been. whoever it is its very clever but a little misleading. what you are actually looking at is ghostbusters related. but sorry to ruin the party. its for GHOSTBUSTERS THE VIDEO GAME this is part of the game. or a cut scene. also i might add that while filming these mini segments. a trailer has been shot. example garbage hulk, as hes known on the set. you know the pre viz you saw in an earlier video. well that is trailer related. hope this helps. but i might add that the entire cast return in some capacity. and the next in the franchise is most definatly being ironed out right now.

  18. feels like we need to search an explit to hack the site

  19. You guys are fucking hillarious!
    And Doodle… You took the words right out of my mouth! LOL

    And yes! This a J-O-K-E joke!

  20. Donkey8012 Says:

    Jesus, Patrick. I knew it was only a matter of time…

  21. Louis Tully Says:

    Jesus?! Patrick?!

    So there’s gonna be a mexican and a starfish and GBIII?! GOOD IDEA D:

  22. “its for GHOSTBUSTERS THE VIDEO GAME this is part of the game. or a cut scene.”

    Riiiiiight. A live-action cutscene for a otherwise completely CG game. That’s about as utterly bogus a claim as Ghostspy’s about these being photos and bits of footage from the shooting of “Ghostbusters 3”.

    This project, whatever it is, is not related in the least to the game or any third Ghostbusters movie.

  23. I’d believe it was the movie before I’d believe it was for the game. The backpack things are very clearly inspired by proton packs, and it makes sense that in twenty years the tech would have developed. The game on the other hand is all CG, and the gear used in it is consistent with the first two movies, so… no. Just as long as those Apatow kids go nowhere near it I’m happy. Worst idea ever putting them in a Ghostbusters movie. Get real actors and a master filmmaker. Get Phillip Seymour Hoffman and PTA, and make Venkman your damn leading man. Then you’d have a movie.

  24. Guys, I work on the set too. And it is Ghostbusters III, but because of GHOSTSPY we have canceled production. Our whole goal was to put this in theaters with no one knowing about it or publicity of any kind. Good job GHOSTSPY, now no one will ever see it.

    Now we are going to just turn it into a Sci-Fi movie. The purgatory of film.

  25. Yeah! I worked on this too giving hand-jobs to Bill Murray. Now, thanks to Ghost Spy i’m out of work and back on the streets selling smack.

  26. Oh and by the way GHOST(L)IE, you’ll be lucky if Sony doesn’t sue you over those packs and this mis-leading site.

  27. I worked on this film too, it is a car commercial we was shooting for the super bowl to promote both the new scion and Ghostbusters the video game.

  28. “we was shooting”

    …. riiiiggghht.

  29. I just heard from a friends in San Diego that the trailer for this GB3 will be shown at Comic Con in July! Finally the projectors and lcd screens work!

  30. Joking.

    Noodle or doodle or whatever.

  31. Doodle for President! LoL 🙂
    … You got my vote

  32. Bill Murray Says:


    Are you free later?

    P.S. Bring the smack.

  33. Bill Murray Says:

    Doodle, your mouth completes me.

  34. Bill Murray Says:

    AJ, your dickness completes me.

  35. Bill Murray Says:

    Bill Murray, your looks and charm completes me.

  36. Bill Murray Says:

    Good lord, I’ve been cloned!

    Anyway, I’m putting you to work so I can have more free time. This will be just like that Multiplicity film.

  37. Bill Murray Says:

    But, wait! Am I the clone or are you the clone? Which one of us is going to have to start life over?

  38. Bill Murray Says:

    Remember the cursed hammock?

  39. Bill Murray Says:

    No, but I remember doing Garfield 2.

    Oh, no….. I’m the degraded intelligence clone.

  40. Bill Murray Says:

    Will the real Bill Murray please stand up?

  41. Hey Bill – is that really you? Will you be going to Sue’s party next Friday? Maybe we can catch a round of golf. Send best to the family.

    Oh and thanks to the folks for the vote to be president! Awesome!

  42. Bill Murray Says:

    Hey Chris – I’m a bit confused. Who is this Sue? I’m horrible at golf. Family’s fine.

    President? Who? What? And of course, where?

    Bill Murray sends his love.


  43. Sorry Bill – just had to check if it was you – trying to smoke out imposters!

    What are you doing on here? So what’s the rap with this site? Are the boys gonna take this stuff down?

    Oh and your golf game wasn’t that bad by the way. You like Scotland?

  44. Listen guys. This is the most rediculous thing I have ever seen before in my life. If you want the real Ghostbusters 3 news, check out my website. When GBN 2.0 launches, it is gonna be unreal! If you believe any of this, you are a moron.

  45. Why don’t you go back to your site then, Chad, and discuss your real GB3 news …

  46. Hey Kiddo,
    Don’t be jealous that all of us over at GBN are able to see through the BS. Someday you will be old enough to register for the site.

  47. Hi Everyone,

    frankly, ok, some of you people have a point. But I would like to know what these clips are showing?
    Ok, there is a guy showing off with these clips. (Propably he want´s to impress someone, lost a bet or just has a short dick). Anyway, something is being filmed on a bigger budget. We are not talking about some weird backyard student movie, this is big business.
    I agree, it could be some commercial. But then again look at the economic situation(
    “Tighter Ad Budgets in Store for Auto Industry
    Tim Ellis, vp-marketing at Volkswagen of America’s VW brand, says the industry over-invested in TV last year; budgets will reflect a more streamlined focus on strategic marketing and media planning that embraces more targeting, he predicts, saying that VW will use TV more sparingly.

    GM has already pulled out of a number of high-profile events, including the Super Bowl. Toyota is expected to trim spending, as well, particularly in sports marketing – a sector that has already begun to feel the pinch of automaker cutbacks.

    Magazines and newspapers have already been struggling with slipping auto advertising, both of which lost 23% of auto ads in the first half of 2008. The agencies that serve automakers have also been affected. BBDO Detroit already laid off 145 employees – or 22.1% of its headcount – in November, as a result of the drastic drop in auto sales for the agency’s main client, Chrysler. Omnicom’s PHD, the media planning agency for Chrysler, is also laying off workers.”
    This does not sound like a carmaker taking the extra cost of filming something in Southafrica which could easily be done in the US / Europe. That appears to contradict the general economic tenor. At least here in Europe with hugh layoffs in the car industry I can not imagine any big player in the car market running the risk of being caught spending big money -for an ad- outside of europe. Bottomline: the crisis exists and european companies tend to spent the few money they have left inside Europe. Not somewhere else, especially, if it is not even “typical views” of Southafrica. If you were to film some VW-Beetle ad in San Francisco, it would be clearly visible typical “SF” landmarks. But the clips shown here are not typical anything and could have been filmed anyplace in Europe / US.
    My point: I work in the car industry and I know, that we had to minimize spendings for ads. This translates to “minimize production costs” of ads. If you like a clip with a car driving around in a city you can just either film it somewhere over here or have it generated in the compi. I just imagine my boss reading something like “VW spents 5 mio for production of new Ad – and lays off 1000 more workers”. No, thanks.
    My guess: it is Hollywood, in one way or an other!

  48. This has been cracked. Check the “Rain” comments for details.

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