49 Responses to “RAIN”

  1. Bill Murray Says:

    I give 50$ to the first who will spot me in this video.

  2. That just proves it! This HAS to be Ghostbusters III!


    can anyone find that, im guessing, supermarket on 0:20?

  4. That’s Eagles Supermarket, 1 Swemmer Road, Silvamonte, 2192 – this is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  5. A South African friend has indeed confirmed this filming location as Johannesburg. YOU ARE BUSTED GHOST SPY! We win sucka!

  6. I’ve forwarded this information to a contact at Sony. You’ll be getting some nice mail soon.


    d.v.s. link it to google maps for us pls.


    ^ doodle vandal chris

  9. Wow!

  10. Frikkie5000 Says:

    South Africa? Why would they film there.? And even if they did, they can film wherever they want to can’t they. How does this disprove GB3?

  11. Bill Murray Says:

    It’s not “Eagles” written on the thing, it’s “eg-something”.

  12. Definitively EG. So why are you guys so sure about South Africa? (Joburg is the most dangerous town in the world, I don’t think they would pick it as a location. would you???)

  13. Oh thanks Sony for another great Vid. Ectorain looks really cool. is ther e a giant slimer in gB3? and I want to punch all you nonbewevers in the face. this it ghostbusters3!!! Got it!?

  14. LoL, it could def be south africa. Look at how many africans are in this vid.

  15. Bill Murray Says:

    Crap, I owe you 50 bucks African.
    Yes, as you can see, I play Winston Zeddmore in GBIII.
    Ernie Hudson did not wanted to be in the film except if he came back as a ghost! What a jerk.

  16. why are all the black people in the rain and then you c a clip of all the white people under a tent watching all the black people in the rain hahaha, ernie hudson must pissed!

  17. This is a load of crap! Ernie pass on GB3… YEAH RIGHT!!! This site needs to provided a little more proof… How about a GB3 logo?

  18. I will have to provide Satellite data tomorrow. I don’t have time right now.

    If I need to tell you why South Africa then you havn’t been following – I suggest reading earlier posts.

    Look everyone, especially you Patrick – I don’t have any beef with you Patrick and I know you really want this to be GB3 and honestly dude – I love that about you man. I love the passion. And to everyone on here who believes this is GB3 I respect the passion and share your desire for a third movie whole heartedly and truly. HOWEVER, I am tired of people taking the piss with Ghostbusters. When I was a kid growing up – every kid picked on me because I loved Ghostbusters. It was hell. And for years, we have been tricked and lied to that GB3 was “on the way”.
    It is absurd to me how many of you are so defensive of this Ghostspy crap. GHOSTSPY IS TAKING THE PISS out of loving, passionate Ghostbusters fans like us in order to sell us some second rate junk or exploit our passion for Ghostbusters. As Ghostbusters fans aren’t we tired of this back and forth over stuff like this. Ghostspy is viral, cruel and unfair.

    I’m on you like a rash Ghostspy.


  20. Hi i’m andy I live in johannesburg i know what they are filming: Neil Blomkamp’s District 9.

    It’s about aliens that live in Joburg. It’s a movie based on the short alive in Joburg.

    Hijsbakkie Andy

  21. Apparently District 9 is also being made by none other than Sony Pictures. It all falls into place!
    Sony could therefore be behind this viral marketing as a double whammy for this 2009 Peter Jackson film, as well as keeping an eye on people who assume this is GB3 (a potential future Sony product)

    Simple, clever and effective.

  22. Ernie Hudson Says:

    The Garbage monster don’t fit with the “District9” plot.

  23. Taken from scifimoviepage.com


    District 9 depicts a fictional world where extraterrestrials have become refugees in South Africa.

    After plans for a big screen Halo movie to be produced by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) and directed by Neil Blomkamp fell through because of budgetary concerns, District 9 was announced. Neil Blomkamp is of course the South African director who made a splash with that Citroen car morphing into a dancing giant robot commercial a few years back.

    “We have seen some of [director] Neil [Blomkamp]’s enormously creative work launching Halo 3 and he is a true talent who understands how to use visual effects in full service of the story. With Peter Jackson and his team at WETA workshop working with Neil, we believe District 9 can be a true event tent pole on our release slate,” said Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

    It was filmed on location in South Africa.


    looks like this is a more realistic understanding of this site.
    But the NY Taxi, and the faux-ton Packs…I think there are still some questions that need to be answered. Anybody know more about this ‘District 9’ movie? The official site is : http://d-9.com/

  24. Funny how all of a sudden this information is coming to light. At least we are finally getting somewhere!

  25. So, if this is all good and correct let me confirm – SONY is exploiting GHOSTBUSTERS fans to promote a film called District9 – Now that ain’t ethical man!

  26. From what I’ve gathered, the viral stuff for District 9 has been going on since the ’08 Comicon…which led to one website…which leads to more sites…etc.

    The aliens supposedly have telekentic powers, so I might understand that being the cause of the garbage monster. In the original video, we see a transformer looking alien lifting and hurling trucks at human soldiers.
    It’s got a racial uprising kind of storyline…the aliens are stuck in poverty, have to speak english, have to move to another seat on a bus if a human wants to sit there, etc.

    What doesn’t make sense is the proton packs. Normal, modern weapons are seen being used in the original short film as well as promoted on one of the viral sites. So what would link these blatant proton pack copies to this alien film?

    I hate that I’m sucked into this now. lol.

  27. I dont think its a case of exploiting in a negative sense. I see it (if Im correct) as combining two virals together, the main being an early promotion of District 9, but by posing it as potentially GB3, they can measure the market for interest in a third movie – independently of fansites dedicated to the franchise – therefore reaching a broader jo public.

    Apparently there is a growing trend by movie studios to initiate the rumour mills themselves, be it viral or otherwise, to gauge the market.

    Of course it could be just coincidence that this blatent piece of viral marketing for District 9 (if thats what its for), made by Sony Pictures, is posing as Ghostbusters 3????

  28. Actually – there is alot on the MNU site about “Future

  29. …. technologies” so maybe it could fall into this category. I dunno – D-9 really does seem like a logical choice given what I’ve seen on the D-9 sites – still, it gives a sour taste to the mouth doesn’t it?

  30. kinda, but I thought it was a bit too unrealistic with GB3 still in the scriptwriting stage (as far as we are aware).

    Still, if it is Sony that have put this together, fair play to them for giving it a GB masqerade

  31. I certainly see your point! Anyway, District 9 has a lot of potential of it’s own if this is anything to go by:

    There is much in this clip that resembles what we’ve seen on Ghostspy….

  32. I completely agree. I saw the FUTURE section on the MNU site and thought the same thing.

    It’s just sad if they made blatant copies of the proton packs.

    What about that clap board that has “usters” on it?
    Maybe in the movie, a company is filming a ghostbusters spoof, and the aliens from d9 attack? lol.
    bah! My day at work is officially ruined. its noon, and ADD is in full effect.

  33. The “USTERS” thing – well, since this Ghostspy site is intentionally misleading towards ghostbusters then that was probably deliberately staged.

  34. I agree, and as for the NY Taxi, if you go to the mnuspreadslies viral site, te video at the top of the screen implies that some of the film features scenes set in the US (even if they arent actually filmed there)

  35. Yeah, also the guy directing District 9 worked / works for with a company called “Spy Films” and what category are these movies in? That’s right: “Spy Films”

    I think this egg is cracked.

  36. be interesting to see if the majority of this thread gets deleted now! 🙂

  37. Indeed it will! Thanks to all who helped dig up information on this project.

  38. I’m from South Africa and this can’t be D9! They stopped filming D9 about 7 months ago and recently did some pickups in the bush! I know cause a friend of mine was in it!

  39. “I’m from South Africa and this can’t be D9! They stopped filming D9 about 7 months ago and recently did some pickups in the bush! I know cause a friend of mine was in it!”

    See, It’s not D-9, but not GB3.

  40. Kobus:

    Well if it the posts on this site are recent, and they aren’t filming D9, and you live there…what are they filming? Or what else has been filmed recently? I’m assuming any HUGE productions filming in the area would be in the news and whatnot.

  41. And what tells you that it’s really in South Africa? It still can be anywhere!

  42. Derp hasn’t been paying attention clearly.

  43. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    just forget everything you know! or want to think! this could still be anything! were ready to believe you!

  44. People have no idea how many productions actually do get filmed in either Cape Town or Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s very popular for films and commercials and at any given stage of the year there are at least a couple of big big films and commercials going down. The crews in SA are top notch and and the interest rate makes for cheap filming if you are paying in dollars, pounds or euros(especially now with the global economic crisis)! Most recentky films like Blood Diamond, Racing Stripes, Ask the Dust, D9, 3000BC, Stander, Country of my Skull, Catch a Fire, etc.

    So frankly this footage could be anything!

  45. I think that this may not be Ghostbusters 3. Why?
    well Johannesburg is a key location for a new film called D-9 ( which involves Aliens). I think this is all D-9

  46. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    this is everything and nothing…… its gotta be in here somewhere for something.

  47. I think it’s GB3. For one, you got a dude reviewing a shooting-book with a NoGhost logo on the front and a HUGE 3 on it. There’s no other movie that we know of, unless this was staged, that has used the famous NoGhost circle especially twice before.
    Two, look at all of the F%$king equipment. You’ve got water-tankers, shutdown streets, and Buckoo bucks being spent here. If it were a videogame ad for a CG videogame, why would they spend all of the money to show the audience a Live-action Teaser??. That doesn’t make sense, PLUS I haven’t heard that there is a rival group of GBs in the videogame.
    Three, there are 3 dudes wearing particle accelerators on their backs vaguely resembling Akroyd’s design, but looking pretty updated and shitty; hmm, smells like a sequel.
    The clapboard with “—-BUSTERS” on it.
    The shitty black car. The assholes in black pretending to blast a monster, waving their blasters ‘to and fro’, as the GHSOTBUSTERS would.
    PLUS, it looks like something HOLLYWOOD would do. Remember SUPERMAN and his crappy NIKE basketball looking dark costume? All Hollywood’s idea on how to update SUPERMAN’s look. So this all makes sense. It’s predictable.
    HOWEVER, I still don’t understand the stupid and over-embelished look of their Nutrona Blasters. They look totally Nonfunctional and almost something out of a transformers movie. If it is the third movie, I don’t know if I’ll be paying $12.50. It looks like crap, they might as well pull the plug.

  48. I wouldn’t think it’s a movie about aliens, ESPECIALLY when you hear the director talking about how the actors should blast the MONSTER. Why would they choose to shoot this monster with particle accelerators if it were a D9 movie? That’s almost ASKING to do really rotten at the boxoffice, as the producer, if you say your Alien Busters should have Particle Accelerators,…what is the press going to say? They’re going to say you just copied GHOSTBUSTERS. but all of this is okay obviously, because it’s GHOSTBUSTERS copying GHOSTBUSTERS. It is GB3.

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