50 Responses to “COSTUMES”

  1. Donkey8012 Says:

    Wow. Fugly costumes. I guess it’s appropriate that the photo on the top has knee pads, since this blatant attempt to rip off one of the greatest 80’s franchises BLOWS. : )

  2. Dude, its 99.9% fo District 9, not GB3. Fear not, the franchise still stands as it is for now

  3. LOOK, there’s a Ghostbusters Patch on the Uniform!!!

  4. Holy fuck. There’s a GB Logo. What.

  5. agreed w/ lozbloke.

    I’ve shot some emails out to some fellow nerd friends 🙂 …we’ll see what kind of info I get back.

    Regardless…if the Ghostbusters were wearing suits that resemble something from an XMen movie, I’d cry.

  6. Just like the packs, those costumes are just terrible. Let me guess…Joel Schumacher is directing this one.

  7. Ghostbusters Logo? Where?

  8. On the chest, upper sketch!!

  9. mh… I don’t get where you spot the ghostbusters logo there.. could be anything.

  10. I can see how a GB logo could be seen, but I really think it’s the shading.
    Why would they make the logo blend in so nicely with the rest of the uniform rather than having a flat out obvious GB logo?

    This site is getting silly.

  11. I agree with the person that said it looks more like X-Men. I’m almost 100% sure Dan Aykroyd would never approve this to his beloved franchise. Not Ghostbusters.

  12. I don’t see the GB logo either. Do you have to cross your eyes or stare at it for 30 seconds?

  13. man i do not hope this is real, the packs look beyond awful,and the outfits look way to much x-men this stuff could be one big hoax or stuff for transfomers 2 but if this was real why not have the packs and outfits in the new game or because the game takes place in 1991. man i wanted to see a ghostbusters team back but not like this.


  14. yes it is a Magic Eye Picture 😉

  15. I don’t know. I tried to enlarge it in photoshop …

  16. I think that its just as much a false teaser as the “Busters” was on the clapperboard.
    Seriously guys, I still stand by what I said under the “Rain” section. This is for Sony Pictures ‘District 9’, a Peter Jackson produced SciFi due in cinemas later this year.

    Check the previous posts for the similarities discussed

  17. Hmmm, let’s see.

    PRO D9:

    – Possibly Joburg
    – “SPY FILMS” on the blog and as the production company Blomkamp works for
    – garbage monster maybe created by aliens
    – footage kind of fits visually to the footage on mnu site
    – …

    CON D9:

    – proton packs
    – GB logo
    – green slime!!
    – the stand in staypuft balloon
    – “USTERS”

    … this is a total brainfuck…

  18. So after I do all the back work for unveiling the filming locations etc you all still think this is GB3?

    District 9 folks! Seriously! I’m outta here – I’ve done my part.


  19. Oh my god. Everyone was right! GB3!! its lives!!!

  20. maybe new uniform for new and young GBs?

  21. I searched the whole site but I couldn’t find any reference from Ghostspy telling that this site would be about GB3. Where did he tell that? Who started this whole GB3 rumor?

    What speaks against this just beeing viral marketing for District 9. And as soon as the readers started to speculate about GB3, they teased us a little bit with faked images, “USTERS” and cheap blue-box-green-slime.

  22. IN REPLY TO:
    “CON D9:

    – proton packs
    – GB logo
    – green slime!!
    – the stand in staypuft balloon
    – “USTERS””

    The packs…in the D9 movie, Humans are developing alien technology. On on the MNU site (viral website for D9) under the FUTURE tab, it states “August 13, 2009. Breach day: MNU probing teams will unlock hidden secrets to the futue of a vast array of technlogical advances”. The film is set to release August 14, 2009. So Humans will have a technology beyond common weapons to use. Coincidence? …though it sure would be disappointing if they created a weapon which looked blatantly similar to the Ghostbusters Proton Packs.

    GB logo…sorta. I still think it’s poor shading, plus the GB fans WANT to see the GB logo there. It’s like the folks that see Jesus in a potato chip.

    Green Slime? Where? That video of the dog? I thought it was drinking water out of something similar to the green chroma key part of the supposed ‘proton packs’.

    Stand in Balloon. It’s clearly not Stay Puft. It’s identical to the Michelin Man (if anything). As it’s been stated before, it’s a cheap balloon used to let actors know where the monster will be placed after the effects have been added into the film.

    “usters”…I’m stumped here. A blatant toying with the hearts of GB fans? Note there is no “3” or “III” after the “usters”.

    This isn’t GB3. The most realistic reasoning is that it’s another viral site for D9 (or another film)…and Sony is gauging what the interest for a 3rd GB film would be by producing this site as a “sneaky GB3 leak site”.

  23. “I searched the whole site but I couldn’t find any reference from Ghostspy telling that this site would be about GB3. Where did he tell that? Who started this whole GB3 rumor?”

    => I might not have said anything about GBIII BUT the whole thing make anyone think about that, every “ecto” words, the “proton pack” pictures, the files’ name etc.
    Damn, even a bloody car had an “ecto3” filename…

  24. Doc Muerte Says:

    Common guys! The ‘busters’ in the claquette its very obvious, what’s the matter if it doesn’t has the 3 at the end? What would you think it is for? Alienbusters? Giant-junk-monsterbusters? think for a bit, this info is leaking directly from Columbia’s marketing office.

    That suit looks feminine, the waist is too stretch and the feet stands in a very girlie way. A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  25. Without a stamp, studio seal or even production notes, it’s just as (frankly, a hell of a lot more than) likely that our host could have drawn it himself.

  26. The bottom pic does say lead lady at the bottom right. Plus, I do see the logo on the upper right photo. I pray to gozer this is just a commercial for the game, ’cause the packs and uniform made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  27. Really? The lady GB is going to be wearing high heels? This screams bullshit!

  28. Umm. What if with all the extra time to upgrade the game, they’re adding a custom characterization. That would explain the female gb and the odd packs and uniform.

  29. This is getting boring and aggravating. D-9 wouldn’t rip off the GB packs so blatantly, Neil’s career is at stake on that picture. It makes the decision if we get Halo The Movie or not.

  30. In response to basti:

    “I searched the whole site but I couldn’t find any reference from Ghostspy telling that this site would be about GB3. Where did he tell that? Who started this whole GB3 rumor?”

    The user “Ectospy” or “GhostSpy” posted on my website claiming that he was filming Ghostbusters 3 and was secretly putting it online (what you are looking at). You can find the quote here:

    He spammed the site a few times with similar messages.

  31. Bill Murray Says:

    Yes, it’s true. These are the new costumes.

    I’m the one in the heels. When I said I wanted there to be a female GB in Ghostbusters III, I meant me.

    From now on my character will now be known as Patricia Consuela Venkman. The IMDB page should be updated shortly.

    Will I be able to win the heart of Egon while battling the forces of darkness? Wait and see.

  32. A female GB wouldn’t have heels, it would be too painful when running.

  33. Bill Murray Says:

    Yes, it’s painful when running, but beauty has it’s price.

  34. Bill Murray, we love you……in every form you’ll choose!

  35. Bill Murray Says:

    Thanks Dave! But seriously, no one cares about D-9, this all Ghostbusters 3 news. Trust me, I am Bill Murray after all. Don’t listen to any haters. GB3 lives in the hearts and heels of us all.

  36. Why do I not believe that you are Bill Murray?

    Let me ask you this? Have you ever been to the hotel across the street from the Saddle Ranch Chop House on the famous Sunset Strip?

  37. Bill Murray = Ghostspy / Ectospy probably.

  38. Are you kidding? Of course its not Bill Murray for real… Jesus, its amazing how many people don’t understand sarcasm.

  39. EHI!!!! i seriously believed that he was Bill!!!! YOU LIAR!!!!!!!

    that was sarcasm 😀

  40. I can’t believe how stupid some of the people on here are!! Yes i am intrigued to find out what this is, although it seems to have been solved. But it is NOT Ghostbusters 3, that much is for sure! Kudos to the Ghostspy for creating so much interest and drama though

  41. lol…in a hustle to check out this site, I just typed in “” and hit enter.

    Umm……anyone ever seen this? It’s a comic book. Called : Ghost Spy

    “A Hyper Violent cyber-punk spy epic. Keico Loc is a young bounty Hunter, psychologically torn apart by a hyper violent future. After being infected with the biological toxin Adrenafin, and constant embattlement, Keico decides to, for the first time , gain control of her own life.”

    Check out some pics. The sterile white weaponry? Futuristic clothing? Alien/Monster/Mutants?

    That site itself seems to have not been updated much in the past year or so which is odd.

    I know THIS site is not GB3 … but thought this may be another plausible explanation behind GhostSpy. Is the GhostSpy WordPress Page for a Ghost Spy movie adaptation of the comic?? Hmm. 🙂

  42. Bill Murray Says:

    What? But it is I, Bill Murray! Voice of Garfield! Repeater of Groundhog Day! Friend of Egon!!!

  43. Ghostspy better watch out…’cause I feel that a lawsuit from Sony might be heading their way.

  44. I didn’t think it was Bill Murray fool!
    I was simply saying that “Ghostspy” is using the “Bill Murray” alias!

    The dude doesn’t even know shit about Bill!

  45. The junk monster and these clips are from the filming of the Pepsi Stuff commercial from last year’s Super Bowl ad. Sorry, not from GB3.

  46. I don’t know but this busters suit are fake, i hope be better suit and better protonpacks. and what happend to ecto- car.

  47. Yeah, it looks like they spent a lot of money and produced CRAP, however, it could be GB3 because if you look at the script one dude is reviewing it has a no ghost logo with a huge “3” on the cover. The proton packs have the famous circular particle accelerator look, and they’re using them to blast a Monster. And I know people by nature and probability. Given that the costumes look like crap, the gear is mediocre, the script is being penned by mediocre TV writers, it’s GHOSTBUSTERS 3, for sure. Let’s review, this footage = Re-imagining the GHOSTBUSTERs and remaking the equipment = CRAP = GHOSTBUSTERS 3 = CRAP.

  48. #1ghostbustersfan Says:

    ok, if this is gb3 not something else.. like i mentioned in a different post. that this is the new kids busting ghosts.. and peter and all the og’s gotta come back and show em how to do it right! with the old pacs n such. word i think that wou;d kick some major ghost ass! but thats just a theory i have. yall take it easy! take a step back and only time will tell 🙂

  49. Not GB3….God you’d think with the internet people could do some simple searching….This is obviously a movie based off Jacob Elijah and Steve Albertsons Ghost Spy Comic Book.

    Check their site for it….things look very similar

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