22 Responses to “CGI”

  1. That’s a really minor update. 😦
    Garbage Ghost… Déjà vu.

  2. ugh what the hell is up with the euro NY plate

  3. This is not a Ghostbusters movie, and this picture finally confirmed it.

    The license plate on the front of the cab is not something you would find in NY. Well. it was fun while it lasted.

  4. So this is the CGI that goes with the CRASH video earlier. Interesting all the objects that this monster is made up of.

  5. Reminds me of GBII when the statue is stepping on cars.

  6. It reminds me of that car commercial that’s spoofing ghostbusters.

  7. They’re already in post?

  8. Sweet Euro NY Plate.

    You will fool… anyone not in America.

  9. Could have sworn I saw a commercial with a big being made of various items before.
    Probably Best Buy or an insurance commercial or something like that…

  10. Reminds me how stupid it was when you guys said it was a car commercial thats spoofing Ghostbusters.

  11. @douche-bag Gabriel.

    This is not GB3. Is your real name Patrick?


  13. I cant believe how stupid people are being….this movie is not being made..yet.Look the post “Stay Puft” is the michelin man..its an ad i can guarantee look the “monster” is made of cars and it crushes a taxi all the others are bull…nuff said

  14. Either that as its for District 9.Lots of people have said that and if you look at ectospy’s youtube channel his location is the same as District 9 is being filmed

  15. @dansartain That’s right. Maybe it’s for the upcoming Super Bowl.
    (Beat the Cards soundly, Pittsburgh. Signed, a loyal Eagles fan.)

  16. Nevermind that last one. Pepsi discontinued the Pepsi Stuff campaign at the end of the year.
    Maybe someone else reused the concept?

  17. GHOST SPOIL Says:


  18. He isn’t posting as much.

  19. One more time… THIS IS NOT ( N O T ) CHOSTBUSTERS 3. Sony / Columbia pictures will let everyone know when filming on G3 starts.

  20. I like how all of you are using extremely limited evidence and saying this is or is not a Ghostbusters movie. SHUT UP. You know about as much as the next person. This comment will most likely make no difference though. Whatever.

  21. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    i agree with jake….. just sit back and time will tell all. nuff said!

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