61 Responses to “FIGHT”

  1. I’m almost completely sure this isn’t District 9, but I’ve been wrong before.

    Nick Butler

  2. on 0:03 you see on the script 3. And if this is GB3 it’s very good acting. NOT!

  3. this looks like a shitty music video

  4. Looks like a music video.

  5. I really, really, REALLY hope any of those people still stuck on the idea that this is Ghostbusters 3 have finally had the illusion shattered for them with this video.

  6. This is not GB# it’s some kind of commercial or music video.

  7. This is not Ghostbusters although the only evidence I have are these videos and pictures.

  8. But what is it?? And what’s with the “3” on that movie script? I’m still not really sure…

  9. that “3” on that script really interests me! proton packs! firing at the monster ! this just might be GB!

  10. This is GB3. This video confirms it!

  11. this has as much chance of being Ghostbusters 3 as Pigs flying, Elvis being still alive & ABBA reforming for a world tour.

    The movie is still scripting and I doubt willever film in Johannesburg, so as long as I have a hole in my ass, this isnt GB3

  12. have a look at those license plates… they dont seem to b American. This cant be gb3. At least I hope it isn’t… Because the only thing all this new stuff and equipment we see here can do is destroy The Ghostbusters as we know them. PLEASE STICK TO THE ORIGINAL GHOSTBUSTERS, WE DONT NEED NEW MEMBERS OR EQUIPMENT!

  13. DanAykroyd Says:

    Rest assured! This is not Ghostbusters 3.

  14. As for the script with the 3 on it, I’m guessing GhostSpy probably made it.

  15. By God, I hope this isn’t Ghostbusters. I’m all for updates to keep with the times and all, but I’d much rather the movie’s proton throwers not look like Aperture Science Hand Held Portal Devices.

  16. This is a complete crock, if anyone thinks this is GB3… If you have a brainstem, you would be able to deduce that this is some type of commercial or a well funded parody. Theres no actual way this is rooted in GB anything… Open your eyes folks!!!

  17. phd in parapsychology Says:

    This is cheesier than a cheesy double beef burrito from Taco Bell.

  18. Is that a Citroen in the background? A Citroen commerical perhaps? It looks like I was WAY off with the D-9 guess! Back to square one I suppose. Looks awful though!

  19. I’m guessing it’s just a GB-themed car commercial for one of the little hybrid cars, but also something gauging the interest of a 3rd GB movie.

    2 birds with one stone.


    thats some sexy monster blastin…i’d let her blast my monster any day.

  21. The thing that bugs me is the “3” in the “No”-logo.

  22. Can’t Be Ghostbusters. How would the team be made up of 3 girls? Doesn’t make sense.

  23. They must be shooting all the new recruit footage first and will digitally add Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston in later.

  24. I don’t know much about GB3, but couldn’t it be possible these people are like rivaling the Ghostbusters. Like a new ghostbusting team, or something.

    Think of it like the movie Twister. You have the team that relies on the basics and the team that has tons of sponsors and stuff. Maybe this is the high-tech, we’re going to put you out of business team.

    Again, I haven’t followed this movie at all, so don’t go crazy if this isn’t possible.

  25. If any of you have any form of a brain, you could see this is NOT, and I repeat, NOT Ghostbusters 3.

    If this does turn out to be GB3, I will eat my proton pack!

  26. I have watched each video, looked at each pic, and its very mixed, looking at this vid you acnt make out the badges on the uniform. It might be a viral, it could be anything its anyones guess, but one thing ppl havnt touched on yet is… why couldnt it be part of ghostbusters?? any die hard fan knows its a franchise and why cant sombody open their own section in another country and have their own “egon” to modify their equipment?? that would be more plausable than half the ideas other ppl have come up with, and if im wrong and its not ghostbusters then you can all pat yourselves on the back along with myself for following each post and watching each vid like a fool, ghostbusters…. district 13 who knows, time is almost up to give us a definate answer to what it is!

  27. 1) At the start you can see a sign which says “Egoli (something) Takeaways”. Egoli is another name for Johannesburg, which is in South Africa
    2) The user ‘ectospy’ on Youtube which posted these vids is from South Africa
    3) The director shouting out ‘3-2-1’ has a strong South African accent (it’s not British or Australian).
    4) Johannesburg looks like New York, look it up!

  28. Look what i found on Wikipedia:

    And that 3-2-1 is realy South african it’s like the same accent in Holland

  29. Again, there is not enough evidence to be convinced that this is or is not Ghostbusters 3. It may or may not be. But, nothing is certain. And, I had better see a video on YouTube of someone eating their proton pack if they are wrong.

  30. Lost in Space 2: The Reckoning

  31. Y’know, I just thought of something… The car in this video is a Citroen. Whatever this is, it’s being shot in Johannesburg (Check earlier post comments for evidence.) District 9 was shot it South Africa by Neill Blomkamp who also made the “transformer” Citroen advert. Also Neill Blomkamp is connected to a company called “Spy Films”….

    A Citroen commerical shot at the same time as D-9 with some connection to the movie perhaps?

  32. dont get me wrong, Im looking forward to the potential, currently scripting GB3, but this is as believable as Jesus’ face in my Big Toenail.

    Sorry 31, and sceptical. πŸ™‚

  33. GB# as far as we know hasn’t even got the green light yet. No one can say this is or isn’t gb3 because frankly we don’t know for fact and any claims either way is totally foolish and child like.

    I find that if i just sit in this chair… ,the solution presents it’s self.
    -Henry Jones Sr.

  34. “the franchise rights alone will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams”

  35. The junk monster and these clips are from the filming of the Pepsi Stuff commercial from last year’s Super Bowl ad. Sorry, not from GB3.

  36. i don’t member any face of that cast , who’s the girl, any body knows her, the other guys who are they, this see not good, were are the real ghostbusters. I don’t see bill ,dan,harold and ernie. I hope this movi , not be real.

  37. Chase Kuertz Says:

    The Pepsi Stuff commericial didn’t have anything from this footage, KG. Don’t lie. That commericial can be found on youtube and all it is is Justin Timberlake bouncing around town.

  38. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    whatever this is, is gb related…. no one can deny that. and as far as people coming up with all these ideas, well thats all they are! no one knows anything! so just take all this as it comes and stop coming up with your own fantasy to fill in the blanks! all i see is a very close resemblence to my favorite movie of all time! rock on ghostspy!!!!

  39. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    oh, 1 more thing… i was thinking of all the posibilities of how this could tie into the movie, instead of not. ok i think this could be a different country of gbstrs, instead of the movie only taking place in ny,ny. the whole world is in deep sh$% and they gotta have tons of new gbs to help save the world from all the deadly ghost activity!!! chew on that for a little bit! i think that would make a great movie plot! and w/e this is, im sure its going to be cool! also remember its been 20 yrs of advancement in the technology! anything is possible!

  40. anyone think these could be potential scenes from the movie? I know that sometimes when they need to pitch a script to a studio they shoot footage as kinda a This is what where going for kinda thing. They use different actors and use scenes from the written script they’re pitching at the time. just a thought.

  41. This is not Ghostbusters. I mean, just look at how they are dressed and those packs. Dan Aykroyd, in the past year, got done approving all the equipment for the new video game as canon. He helped design the stuff you see in the video game, so why would he then approve such a drastic change in equipment less then a year later? That and this isn’t even in New York, it’s South Africa. I mean, if they wanted it to look like New York, they could have atleast got the license plates right, jeez.

  42. Hulu superbowl commercial perhaps?

  43. Looks like it’s South Africa, looks like it’s Tanya van Graan. It can be some kind PSA (Public Service Announcement), just like lastest Starship Troopers PSA Speaking about Troopers – Casper Van Dien just did PSA for childhelp as Johnny Rico. A very noble cause. Everybody should see it.


  44. Just found out I’ve been spelling “Aykroyd” wrong all these years.

  45. if this movie is ghostbusters 3 than i will not be watching it EVER! the costumes look gay, the packs look more gay and the guy who keeps posting these videos is the gayest!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d rather there NEVER be a ghostbusters 3, than c the packs turn into something like that, and have anyone else besides the original boys in grey. Screw whtever this knock off film is!

  46. Oh and vid-kidd to comment on your comment, the ghostbusters franchise isnt something that would have to be pitched, especially with lame scenes like this, either the script is approved or it isnt!

  47. Hey ITSAHOAX,
    First of all, its “see” not “c”. Secondly have you seen what the “boys” look like nowadays?

  48. ITSAHOAX is a bit homophobic eh?

  49. slimerboy Says:

    im not thrilled by the footage at all but instead of making up youre minds now that if it is gb3 you want see it, give it a chance. besides you will probly go see it anyway then bitch about it more.

  50. Word from the set is that this is a Rogue group that are acting as Ghostbusters but they unintentionally release a bunch of ghosts so the GBs have to come in and fix everything.

  51. #1ghostbustersfan Says:

    hey guys! seriously… think of how much this fits in the ghostbusters theme… almost 100%, besides the lack of gb logos, which these guys might not be in the movie… compedators of the ghostbusters… they have to team up with the og’s pete, ray, egon, and winston. Bill murray said he wont do a new gb movie w/o a hot chick in it… which this has! so to me this all makes sence now! and i hope im right!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  52. so, no hellbent?

  53. The “sexy” Ghostbuster competitor story line seems way too cheesy…The idea, their uniforms, their equipment…the quality looks and sounds more like a bad cartoon or sitcom plot…not a respectable feature length movie.

    I don’t get how any Ghostbusters fan can be excited for something like this? It’s a plot line that goes among other great sequels such as “The NEXT Karate Kid”, “Jaws 4”, and “Speed 2”.

    It hasn’t even been announced that the new GB3 script has been completed, let along approved…so why would they be filming? This is NOT GB3.

  54. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    the 25th anav. is in junue maybe there trying to sneak it at us! let em! and if u pay close enough attention to the vids… u can see there at the very beggining of the script… and it could be tacky on purpous in the begining just to make it seem even more bad ass when they do finally show up and save the day!!!! god i hope im right , or it will be a car comercial…lol

  55. I'm with stupid Says:

    Ghostspy is a tool.

  56. “#1ghostbusterfan”

    Is that you Patrick?

  57. #1ghostbusterfan Says:


  58. Sorry, I just thought it might be because of the level of GB3 enthusiasm. Arn’t you just a little mad at this Ghostspy stuff? And before you say “well don’t come on here” – coming on here only takes me about 20 seconds a pop so i’m really NOT putting any of my time into this!

    But really, c’mon #1GBFAN – this is getting silly, no?

  59. 5his is shit nowhere do i see more than on monster this guy gettin hipe put of a fanfilm or music vid or some very very low bugjet stright to the bargin dvd bin theres no hd being used and even gb3 would have some well known face in this by now and Ecto 1 and 1a have been referbed so then would be in film not a lame ass football moms van

  60. also plates om car from europe

  61. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    hmmm… not mad, more like frustraited, i wish that we all knew more, and this is just teasing us. im excited more than anything. cuz its a good tease, anything gb related makes me happy, and a possible gb3 movie being made secretly? oh hell.. πŸ™‚ but in the end i will be happy either way this turns out, atleast we had a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel for a new gb movie….. even if it is fake.

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