25 Responses to “MARSHMELLOWS”

  1. 😦

  2. Well. At least the logo on the chest is red. And the mallows taste like shit.

  3. Donkey8012 Says:

    Oh man. They’re eating marshmallows on the set. That’s it, I’ve been converted. I’m now fully conviced that this is Ghostbusters 3.


  5. This garbage is being to insult my intelligence.

  6. Beginning to insult my intelligence, not BEING to insult…see what I mean.

  7. I’m still thinking it’s either a commercial for the game or an automobile.

  8. Ghostbusters…eh no

  9. i thought i would of seen this site on failblog by now

  10. shodanmark Says:

    Stop it please. Just stop.

  11. This is stupid the guys probably just trying to get attention.This isn’t ghostbusters 3 and there hasn’t been any proof of it being so yet.
    The only way ill know if this is ghostbusters 3 is if i see the ectomobile and Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.So far its just has been stupid clips of nothing anyone could do that.Look a DeLorean they must be making back to the future 4.

  12. BULL CRAP!!!!

  13. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    ummmmm, man… i just dont know! i love this because its causing an uproar in the gb comunity! keep the hope alive ghostspy!!! rock on! ;p

  14. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    ok… i think i figured out, if you go back and look at the “story board” its not very long, im almost certain now that this is a michilan tire comercial for the superbowl. and the trash monster is the road junk that can harm your car… something along the line of that concept. and the michilan man “stay puft” will help the knock off ghostbusters to defeat the road junk dude somehow…… we shall see. im certain this comercial is almost done shooting. so if he posts any vids past this sunday, and along a different line, then i will be suprised. but either way… im loving this! gb3 hype mo foz!

  15. …nice nips though.

  16. I would think that all Super Bowl commercials should be shot by now. If anything they would be doing the editing and final touches but I don’t think they are going to sell a stop to an unfinished commercial and I doubt it will be sold over the weekend so they have one day to have everything finished and submitted. Still could be a commercial but not for the Super Bowl. Could also be like one of those eSurance commercials. They wear suits like that and I could see those proton packs being in the style of the commercial. Just another idea to throw on the fire.

  17. Who’s to say this footage wasn’t filmed awhile ago, and is just now being posted?

  18. Touche salesman. The way GhostSpy was presenting it I assumed it was fairly new but you are very right that this could be archived shots.

  19. this is Ghostbusters 6!!!! they’ve jumped 3, 4 and 5…

  20. Definitely a Superbowl commercial.

  21. I AGREE!!! A commercial for the Superbowl!!! DEFIANTLY!!! It’s probably a Michelin Tire commercial with a Ghostbusters Game swing to it, maybe to promote both the tries and the video game!?

  22. #1ghostbustersfan Says:

    word.. this coulda been shot awhile ago and just now posted…. makes sence, but another thing that was brought to my attention, is the location..most likely it will only be played on other countrys comercials. in the u.s we will not even see this…. “most likely” but none the less i love it! its a comercial along the lines of ghostbusters! who hoo! and honestly i hope im very wrong… i want this to be gb3!

  23. WOW! I think if they start eating Twinkies and Cheez-Its, I’m gonna jizz my pants!! The possibilities are limitless! HEY DEAN YEAGER!

  24. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    shit….. i have compleatly run out of ideas now… i havnt seen this “comercial” air yet, it didnt come on during the superbowl… trust me i was glued to the t.v. looking for it…. any one????

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