21 Responses to “DRIVING”

  1. well, this is not the ecto-1. i think that this guy likes boobs.

  2. car commercial

  3. the ECTO F … for failed.

  4. please stop

  5. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    ok…. this is the last nail in the coffin for me! its a crapy car comercial! soab! mfpos!

  6. What horse shit, a car commercial? wow. sad.

  7. fuck you ghostspy

  8. Yeah, fuck you ghostspy.

  9. And the fucking logo on the chest is a “3”, only a fucking “3”. No “No-Ghost” logo.

  10. Definitely some sort of a car commercial, maybe for the Super Bowl… oh, and more boobs 🙂

  11. a car commercial intended to test fans interest on a GB3


  13. whats buggin me is now there have been 2 opertunities to prove its anything to do with ghostbusters with the logo on the uniform. both videos havnt shown that… and it looks like its being done on purpose, what a friggin wild goose chase, i think we should all stop looking then this ghostspy might stop posting and we can all go on with out lives, there is nothing what so ever….no evidence.. not a shread that its ghostbusters!

  14. Chapelier Fou Says:

    Such a wasted potential…

    Viral advertising has proved in the past it can be fun but this is just ridiculously lame and tame.

    Boring and unimaginative to say the least.

  15. You think so? If it is really a viral campaign, I find it to be a rather spectacular one … it just sucks that it’s not GB3 … 😦

  16. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    ok given this last week or 2 was alot of fun and all, i gotta say thankyou ghostspy! seriously this was alot fun! i had a blast! this really had me going, and i wish this were true! u rock man! peace out!


  17. It is a car commercial, to bad they use us Ghostbusters fans for making it popular.

    Shame on you.

  18. I must see this car commercial now. Fuck you ghost spy.

  19. Ya cuz ghostbusters fans are so cool they only way to make a car commercial cool is to go through prop builders?! IF your trying to gain hype this was a stupid way to do it

  20. Willem138 Says:

    Gonna have to go with the bandwagon and say fuck you Ghostspy.

  21. I seldom swear but in this case I too bandwagon the “FUCK YOU GHOSTSPY”

    What a shitty viral campaign. You have pissed off potential customers!

    But seriously. Fuck you muthafucka.

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