35 Responses to “FOG”

  1. Wow, 2 update a day. What’s going on? Superbowl’s finale is coming eh?

  2. So you actually checked twice a day if there were updates! It’s amazing how many people discredited the ghostspy(which is fine – you are entitled to your opinion) but follow the site religiously!

  3. Well, I’m still free to do wathever I want.

  4. So your name is Kobus? Isn’t he a role in District 9??

  5. I don’t know.

  6. i think this is not a car commercial……..too expensive!

  7. Well… Super Bowl came and went.
    What do you suppose this is now?

  8. Yeah, well done dip shits. Now when is this supposed commercial going to get aired? During the pro bowl? I’m with david. Too expensive to be a car commercial.

  9. again, fuck you ghostspy

  10. Movies tend to shoot in more than one location. But everything we’ve seen of this is on the same damn street. My money says its a commercial.

  11. ASSHOLE.

  12. This is really starting to get boring, I think Ghostspy is out of footage.

  13. what about ghostbusters 3 movie, this can’t be, i don’t see real actors, may be is a lie, 2 youngs like gene an lee they’re still writing the movie, becuase don’t see
    bill, dan, harold , and ernie. Yes is true is expansive for comercial, but i think is another movie same like ghostbusters , but more fake.

  14. This is a new commercial for Citroen. It’s not over expensive for a commercial. Chek out othe Citroen commercial on youtube, Their transformers commercial looks more expensive and they C5 with de-aged Sean Connery was way better than this

  15. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    damn… dunno anymore, im pretty much thinking this might be a movie now….. and it looks alot like ghostbusters… this is a total mind f#@$ on me! i just wish there was some real proof so my mind can rest! šŸ˜¦

  16. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    by the way…. this looks very creapy, it makes me think of footage from 9-11, w/e this is its going to be cool!

  17. I’ve got it!

    Who ya gonna call?


  18. More like Fuckusbusters.

  19. So what, no more updates?

  20. that wouldnt be too much of a stretch……

  21. Some previous Citreon big budet adverts

  22. still no update???

  23. Yeah those commericals don’t seem like that much money. CGI is pretty cheap these days and you have one actor who is retired that probably just got a new car out of the deal and an actor who makes shitty starship trooper movies. This one seems like more money and effert is going into it.

  24. Gentlemen, we’ve been assraped.

  25. Yeah it hurt. Bad.

  26. The calm before the storm …

  27. Adrian Ruhi Says:

    No updates for a while. I anxiously await…

  28. As someone else mentioned.. why wasn’t the commercial played during the Super Bowl?

    The answer is very simple. If this is a commercial.. it will not be aired in America. The car is a Citroen, and they do not sell them here.

  29. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    havnt seen a post recently…….. hope hes getting something good…. something definitave! jeez for real now. come on ghostspy, quit torturing us!

  30. Maybe he got caught.

  31. ghosthead Says:

    common dude…give us something, anything…just dont make us waite days for a new tease!!!!!!!

  32. mats: “The calm before the storm…”

    me: “Hahahahaha”

  33. I personnally don’t think it’s a CitroĆ«n commercial because they recently announced that they will restart their CitroĆ«n DS producion, which is a HUGE announcement…

  34. Two moe Citronen ad. with similiar prod. values

    and look at this one…dosn’t that ring a bell?

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