69 Responses to “THE BEAST”

  1. OMG!! This is awesome!

  2. Dude …!

  3. ghosthead Says:

    i dont know man…it just dont have a movie feel to it…maybe a new tv series or something

  4. Definitely a commercial and definitely cool.

  5. and wheres the rest?? lol


  7. Who!! this is really no low butged (movie,commercial). I Hope it’s a movie but what kind? Really No GB3

  8. sorry i mean: this is a really cool (movie,commercial) It’s really not low butged.

  9. yes..commercial…maybe a VIRAL COMMERCIAL? this is a viral site for a viral commercial ?

  10. To all those who thought it was Ghostbusters 3:

    Ha! Told you so!

  11. Looks like Bibendum. So, fuck it, it’s Citröen but I don’t get why doing a viral blog for a commercial.

  12. Its clearly not GB3, even if it were shooting, the CGI would be nowhere near this complete until near release.

    Is it a Citroen Ad?

    Is it a GB game Ad?

    Is it District 9?

    Is it a Cloverfield style teaser where they’ll shoot the movie later?

    Who knows? All i can say (and i urge you all to do the same), is stop the bitching and the whining. Ok, it may not be what you want it to be, but isnt a viral campaign all about the intrigue and the mystery? Enjoy the ride people!!

    You never know, you might have fun.

  13. Car commercial.

  14. isn’t this over yet?

  15. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    w/e this is…. looks cool… very high end… and definantly gb related…. stfu everyone trying to bring this down. we will all see soon enough, i hope, what this really is!!! think about it…

  16. “Ghostbusters related”, that’s a fancy way of saying it’s just a big homage to the films, nothing more.

    And a viral campaign is supposed to be interesting and employ some sort of engrosing mystery, this is just boring.

  17. CGI wouldn’t have been put in until post.

  18. ha,ha,ha, ha , it’s not a ghostbusters movie, ghostspy don’t play with us, you are not , proffesionals, or maybe is stay puff , may be is close the movie but, i’m sure this scenes don’t are.

  19. ghosthead Says:

    ya…i think it is just a commercial, maybe about clutter or something and getting rid of the clutter, since its a clutter monster, and obviously since the game will be comming out and the anniversary, they are getting rid of the clutter ghostbuster style….just an idea….

  20. It’s not related to Ghostbusters dumb fucks!

    -Change has cum-

  21. Watch your language, dude. And if you hate it that much, don’t come here.

  22. ya obama, not ghostbuster related huh, thats why there is proton packs? looks to me like your the dumb ass…is the change comming in the form of your education? you need it

  23. @ghosthead: LOL

  24. this is a ad for somthing but not gb3 and if it was gb3 there would ahve worked out this guy and his cam we need to look it with open eyes

  25. and another thing is this is a download of the vid not somthing he saw with cam is was gb3 then how the hell would he get it and there would find this stuff out themselfs lol but it looks a good ad / fanfilm / dvd

  26. oh and ghosthead proton packs lol u got to be high i stoped and looked aswell just cuz there 4 red lights dnt make them packs

  27. this is not gb3… but is GB5!!!!!

  28. At this point i feel if anyone still believes this is ghostbusters related you are a fucking moron! All we have to figure out is if its a big budget commercial or a low budget film. PERIOD!

  29. more like fan film

  30. ghosthead Says:

    i am not saying its ghostbusters…but if you think its not ghostbusters related in anyway shape or form…your the moron…obviously whatever it is…it is at least paying homage the the ghostbusters…like the chevy commercials wasnt transformers when they were transforming…but they were paying homage…dumbfucks….they have packs and they are shooting a monster…they are paying homage to the ghostbusters…thats all i am saying…so to the people saying “not related” your the DUMB FUCK!!!!

  31. ghosthead Says:

    TO SAMBO—oh yeah dude!!! your right i can see it now…thost packs they are wearing on their backs with the 4 lights in the circle aint related to ghostbusters at all!!! i dont know what i was thinking!!! thats a totally origanal design…what was i thinking!!!!…hahahahahaha…think before you talk

  32. Sambo 4 Vice President!
    Get off his nuts fags!

  33. I don’t know what it’s suposed tobe. All I do know, is if this dude is yacking Ghost Heads around there will be alot of unhappy GB fans. GB3 is a project that millions have been waiting for for many years and I would hate for all of us to get excited about it only to get punched in the gut once again.

  34. hey guys — anyone else think it’s interesting all of this is from apparently one scene or sequence? where’s the rest of the “movie.” where’s any real significant evidence it’s GB related. no patches anywhere? the logo would be on things — and wouldn’t we have heard SOMEthing elsewhere by now? GB is my favorite movie, and the idea of a new one gives me mixed feelings, but seriously… i doubt this is GB3. it might be GB related or something that pays homage perhaps? But really, how long does it take to film a monster scene if it’s mostly CGI? it’s expensive to shoot for more than a few days! Transformers 2 filmed its opening scene at a factory in PA and it happened over about 3 or 4 days. This may be footage he’s leaking slowly piece by piece but really, we’d have a better idea by now. I’m really leaning towards it’s not GB3 at all.

  35. An update, please. And more often.

  36. ghosthead Says:

    looks like he is finally running out of material…..

  37. I hope “Ghostspy” that you are proud of yourself. Your little viral campaign has caused quite a lot of negative reaction. Swearing, homophobia and racism on in one blog. Nice one. This is seriously the most poorly executed viral I have ever seen. Oh, and if you didn’t get Sony’s permission for some of the “likeness” rights contained in this commercial then I would bet you’ll be getting a letter too.

  38. where’s the racism atarizen? i could be wrong, but i am going to assume your talking about my previouse and removed comment about the brown nose to obama…….and if thats the case, and people found that racism, they need to quit crying and get off their mommies tit, becouse it was a ass kissing comment…brown noser…thats all…just trying to make a funny and lighten the mood a little…so if it was taken as racism i apoligize….lets get off the negativity and get back to what this page was ment to be…excitement, curiosity and discussion…

  39. Okay, sounds fair!

    By the way, the “mommies tit” thing left me speechless.

  40. he he. priceless!

  41. Peter Silie Says:


  42. God fucking damnit. Where are the updates. 😐

  43. Hey – i´m working as art-director in a big international advertising agency. I´m a big ghostbusters fan myself and yes: IT`S A CAR-COMMERCIAL. But it seems like it´s going to be a very good one! And maybe they will use it for the new citroen and the upcoming ghostbusters-game in cooperation. But – for all of you still having a discussion: Even if this side is a viral-side for a viral-spot. Well – it SURE PROOFS THAT EVEN DOUBLE VIRAL-STUFF WORKS!!!!! 😉

  44. Almost 5 days without any updates.

  45. I think Ghostspy went to far by claiming it’s GB3. It’s called cheating. Soon this will be revealed as a commerical, an you know what – The makers of this commercial (who are obviously in very colse co-operation with Ghostspy) will be remembered as MORNOS & FRAUDS, not cool moviemakers.

    Ghostspy and Co doesn’t have guts to make something worthy on their own…They are trying to use Ghostbusters fame for their 5 seconds. Poor Untalented people.

    They had their chance…They could say “Hey, we are making cool car commerical inspired by Ghostbusters”, but no the makers of this commercial (I mean c’mon Ghostspy is one of them…probably the director, he has access to everything) preffed to cheat it’s Ghostbusters 3.

  46. Someone needs to give “A” a chill pill. Maybe you should come up from your mom’s basement and learn some social skills.

  47. FuckMatt^^^ Says:

    Fuck you Matt. “A” gave his opinion on the site, no need to attack him. I know you’ve probably been coming back every minute to check if “A” responded back to I’m just responding for him. Get a life MATT.

  48. What are you and A jack off buddies? Pathetic.

  49. This is a viral campaign for the 09 Citroen C3 Picasso.

    The Ad will be on TV soon.

  50. FuckMatt_2.0 Says:

    I totally agree. Crawl in a hole and screw yourself Matt. Fuck you Ghostspy? Not anymore. Fuck you MATT.

  51. This viral gb campaign is dead.

  52. You mean this Viral Citroen C3 Picasso campaign right?

  53. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    lol thanks to atarizen & ghosthead! i got yalls backs too 🙂 all the monster tards saying this isnt gb related need to go suck the big one! peace!

  54. This isn’t ghostbusters related.

  55. This is a Citroen C3 Picasso ad! Why do you think it’s been so quiet since I posted that!

  56. I really think this is going to be some kind of Michelin Tire commercial. Just by the way some of the pictures and this video looks. Maybe not, but this is DEFINITELY NOT Ghostbusters movie material…

  57. The “beast” definitely looks like the Michelin tire guy. Who oddly enough looks like the stay puffed marshmallow man. Not GB related though.

  58. The final is up! And….. TOLD YOU SO!


  59. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    hahahaha! best comercial ever! obama and all you other haters can go suck the big one now! hahaha, cool as fuck….. i love being right!

  60. #1ghostbusterfan Says:

    sorry for all the foul language… ~peace out blog~


  61. Your are an EVIL MONKEY!

  62. Your a dick. Why lie and say its GB3.

    Worst viral campaign ever.

  63. Well… thing is: he NEVER said it’s Ghostbusters 3!! Read his first post. “Yes, they are shooting IT already…” We just jumped on it and wished so much for it to be GB3. Actually pretty clever…

    Cool commercial by the way!

  64. Actually he did on the GBFans forums say it was GB3

  65. GBfans is for faggots.

  66. This is SO going to backfire…

  67. not a bad advert but very random that there userin ghostbusters and now in uk with have a ghostbuster 118118 advert on tv with ray parker in it himself so all this extra ghobusters stuff means it does still sell and might be testing water for somthing big we all hope 🙂

  68. Told ya it was a Citroen C3 commercial… they did include the keyword GB3 in the html so that´s tchnically cheating. Anyway they probably are going to pay Columbia Pictures a lot of money for that one hope it helps to bring the Real GB back into action…

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